Friday, December 31, 2010

First post-I think I'm crazy for doing this............

OK, I'm not very good at this, I am sure.  My primary purpose is to start tracking all of the sewing I do for the upcoming year.  Maybe use it as a tool to help plan, so I am not rushing at the last minute.

About me....Not very exciting.  I am married and a mom to a 15 yo, and currently a SAHM.  My daughter is involved in figure skating, and I make most of her skating wardrobe, except for synchro.  My name came from her when I got my webkinz account, and has stuck.  While I make most of her skating stuff, I would rather be making smocked dresses.  At 15, she doesn't want many of those  :)

My first goal is to get the basement/sewing room cleaned up and organized.  Then to keep it that way.  February is a big competition month, with the ISI Winter Classic being held locally.  I currently have 22 yards of lycra waiting to be transformed for that, with more to order.  Need to get busy and organized.  I have several other things planned or in progress that I want to complete as well.

Once I get the sewing room cleaned up, I will post pictures.  It needs curtains, maybe I should add that to the list as well.   

I just finished 5 sets of pjs, 2 for real people, 3 for dolls.  Axelgirl is babysitting for my cousins daughter-Mini axelgirl, tonight, so they have matching pj pants and embroidered t-shirts.  Then there is matching sets for Axeldolly, and mini axelgirls bitty twins.  I will try and get pictures, or have her take some tonight.


  1. Off to a good start! Have more confidence in yourself though. I am looking forward to reading about your sewing adventures this year.... and yes, I need to head off and clean my sewing space too. Need to get to work on Seussical costumes.

  2. Welcome to Blogland! Looking forward to reading more about creations from your sewing room!