Tuesday, January 11, 2011

And Still Not Done....

I still haven't finished the beginner team dresses, or hemmed the pants.  I am hoping to have the house to myself tomorrow.  I subbed Monday.  Today, DH was supposed to go back to work, but the Dr. moved his appointment from yesterday to today, and then Axelgirl had a snow day today.  So not much got done.

I did rip out the smocking, and found new colors I think I like.  DMC 155-purple, 3806-pink, and 744-yellow.  I am smocking it based on a design on one of Axelgirls old dresses. I will have to rearrange some of the rows for the smaller size.  I am thinking it is an ASE design, probably by Robyn Beaver, but I can't identify it.  It is smocked with 4 threads, and fairly dense, but I am only using 3 this time.  I know I just used the smocking plate and didn't do the entire dress.  The smocking is going pretty quick, so I hope I find time to get something else ready to take on the bus as well, or head to the library and get some books.

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