Saturday, January 29, 2011

Craft time with Axelgirl

Axelgirl has been complaining for a while that we never do crafts together anymore.  Our schedule has been busy, so that is true.  To many 'to dos' as is common in the life of a high school freshman.  Between individual skating practice, synchro practice, pep band, homework for honors classes, she doesn't have much time for anything.  So we looked at the calendar, and actually marked craft time for us on it.  And here is the results of 3 hours work.  Lots of talking and good bonding time as well.  I do need to work on my photography skills.

We really weren't sure what to do, thought we might make some skating pants, pj pants or something like that, then I found this yesterday.
 If you haven't realized, there is a bit of a figure skating obsession in our house.  Since I had never done much with ribbon, this was great, as we would be learning together.  So, I ordered the tutorial, at the last minute.  It didn't come until we were done, but we proceeded forward anyway.  She thought this would be great for Mini Axelgirl  (shhhh....... its a surprise.  She will get it the weekend they compete, as the dress is a representation of their competition outfits)

So here is what she came up with, without directions: (I'm curious to read through them to see how she did)

Here is her first one, the trial:
Axelgirl's dress will be lavender with pink accents, she will probably turn this into a magnet or bag tag

Here is the one for Mini Axelgirl:
 Her dress is pink with lavender accents.  We were going to put it on a clippie, but decided because of the size a headband was better.  I had blank headbands in the craft closet, so covered it with silver hologram, and added a pink ribbon inside to cover the raw edges (she still needs to fraycheck and trim edges)

Now for what I did.   Besides providing ideas.  I spent a lot of time looking at ribbon sculpture barrettes on line for inspiration.  I should say it is a good thing these sort of things were not readily available when Axelgirl was little, or she would have had one for each outfit.  But then, Etsy and Ebay weren't around then either.
First I covered a clip

Then I came across this here:

 I remembered that we were going to be sending neice The Hungry Caterpillar Book and stuffed animal for Valentines Day. (shhh another surprise) Gotta love the book and stuffed animal bargains at Kohl's.

So I came up with this.  I did the eyes/mouth with sharpie, really wishing I would have cut it out now, but I learned for next time.  Of course Axelgirl says she needs clothes to wear with the clippie.  Have to see what ME caterpillar designs I have.  I should have one right.  Or do I need to spend hours looking for just the right one?

My caterpillar could use some help, but not to bad for the first try.  I am proud of Axelgirl for taking the time to figure it out on her own, and having the confidence to do so.

I think Axelgirl and I may have found something new to do together.  Of course, for the plans we have for the future, the 10 spools of ribbon we bought today so it will require purchasing of more ribbons..............  But I must get those skating dresses done first.


  1. How cute! I especially love the caterpillar. Momma bought that stuffed one for Ducky's first birthday party (why yes. I *do* already have a theme planned!)

  2. I actually thought of you when doing the caterpillar. Any ideas for a cute/simple easy caterpillar outfit for a 7 month old. I am thinking embroidery on a onesie, as I have so much else to do.

  3. Those are cute! Maybe A could have a little side business? I'll bet the rink moms of the little ones would buy.