Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year and Recent Sewing

I hope everyone is starting out the New Year right.  I wish everyone a Happy, Healthy, Wonderful, Prosperous New Year.

We stayed in last night.  Our daughter  was out babysitting so I used the time to work in the basement/sewing area.  I have a huge room, with a nice closet, but my stuff tends to run over everywhere.  I am bad about putting things away, so the area I use to cut becomes a disaster zone as well.  So I have a nice clean room, and have attached pictures of the room.  I also have pictures of the closet, which is about 8X6, and the area I cut in.  It is sort of multi-purpose as it is used for study, clarinet practice, the table is used for crafts and cutting, but it also has a small sink, refrigerator, microwave, and a few cabinets with paper plates, cups, napkins, etc.  Our basement is a mis-match of furniture that we have replaced over the years, but it works, and I don't have to worry about it if there are 6 girls doing puff paint shirts on the table, or a soda is spilled.

The first pictures are of the multi use area, where I cut fabric.  I guess I could put a cutting table in my room, but I am afraid that would function as a flat surface to collect 'stuff'.

Here is the sewing room, If I can get these in order if you look straight ahead when you come in from the door, turning clockwise to look around.  The room is a butter yellow, and I really want to find some lavender/periwinkle fabric to cover the chairs and for the curtains that has yellow in it.  Everything I find, doesn't seem mature enough.  Any suggestions are welcome.  I hate to order on line, as I never know the actual colors

  On top of the bookcases are some of the items I have received in sewing swaps over the years.  Also some of the table favors from convention.  A few others are on another shelf in a different book case as well

Here is more storage.  About 6 months after I bought these two units at Home Depot, I went back to get more, and they were discontinued.  You can see my ribbon and stranded sequins on these.  As well as the 22 yards of lycra awaiting my attention

On the back of the door, I have an over the door shoe rack.  These pockets are great for storing cords for various electronics, USB devices, etc.  It is also where my palette reader writer unit is supposed to go when I am done with it.

Here is the rest of the scissors 'wall', and another book case. 

 Next is the closet.  On the left, there is a filing cabinet with patterns, and the shelves contain mostly craft supplies.  To the right and in the back is primarily fabrics........  I really can't get in there to get a good picture

Recent Sewing

Earlier this week, my cousin and his wife had a baby girl.  So, since the sewing room was cleaned up, and I could actually find things, I made these 3 bib/blanket/burp rag sets.  Usually when I do these, they are a little more matchy-matchy, but my goal this time was to use up things I already had.  No buying of embroidery designs, fabric, ribbons or threads.  I managed to accomplish this, and actually finished off 2 spools of ribbon.  This is good, as one of my goals this year is to reduce clutter, and not buy things unless we need it.  Need being a very loose term.  For example, I used up my KK2000, I don't need it today, but will get some as soon as I can get to Joanns.  Here are pictures

5 pairs of PJS

I mentioned yesterday that Axelgirl was babysitting Mini Axelgirl.  Part of Mini's Christmas present was supposed to be PJs for her and her Bitty Twins.  Well I ran out of time, so babyistting on NYE seemed like a good time to make them.  Since she had asked Axelgirl to bring her doll along as well, they all got new PJs.  Here is a pick.  It's been a while since I made my daughter and her dolls matching clothes.  Except for the dolls in the sewing room, ALL of her dolls and belongings have been boxed up for a while.  She did do as requested and went and got a doll and brought it along.  The t-shirts the girls are wearing were purchased with added ME.  The doll t-shirts were made by cutting apart purchased t-shirts, so I could have the matching ribbing.  Because of the size, they just have a bow added.

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