Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hoping for the best this weekend.   The two higher level teams are traveling to Fraser, MI to compete in a USFS competition, the two lower ones are competing locally at an ISI competition.  I think dresses are ready to go for the Beginner/Youth team, and I still have 4 pairs of pants to hem.  I gave the machines to a mom driving up, so I won't have them on the bus.  A car just seems better.  I will hem 4 pairs of pants when we get there.  Our dresses should be in as well, and I'm hoping they are all good to go with no alterations.  Good luck to all of our teams.

Since I have about 9 hours on the bus each way, plus hotel time, I have packed the BSY for Mini Axelgirl to work on the smocking.  It is a geometric, and should go well.  I also have a lime Imperial Broadcloth bodice front that is about 1/2 to 2/3 way smocked with Frances Messina Jones Make a Ladybug Wish.  If Mini likes the first dress, I am thinking I will turn it into a Pitter Patter Paige for her this summer.

Axelgirl is having a friend spend the night from the team.  We have to leave at 4:30 tomorrow morning, so hopefully we will be asleep shortly.

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