Monday, January 3, 2011

I am a Miracle Worker :)

Todays sewing in some ways doesn't feel like much, but it caused me a lot of stress and frustration.  The good thing is, one down, and four to go.  It took about 5 hours of ripping, cutting, and restitching.  I can guarantee you that ripping elastic out of slinky is not fun.  Especially black slinky with black stitching.  No amount of magnification or lighting makes that an easy task.

The beginner team where my daughter skates is composed of 8 skaters.  7 Females, 1 Male.  They are hoping to do a long and a short program this year, and were trying to come up with costumes that would work for both programs.  The team manager did an excellent job in finding used dresses at a great price.  We figured since there was more than we needed, sizing should be ok, and it would work out.  We would take the trim off of one, and add it to a shirt for the male skater.  These dresses are great, with over 300 crystals already on them, the price was right, so we wanted to make it work.    Since they are an ISI only team, they can have the crystals where our older teams also compete USFS and they are not at a high enough level to be allowed crystals yet.  Here is a picture of the dresses I copied from the website we purchased them from

When the dresses came in, the sizing wasn't as good as we had hoped.  Only 2 of the girls fit into the dresses without major alterations/cutting down in size.  I managed to work through the first one today, and met up with the girl, and it fit.  So now I have an idea of where to go from here.  Hopefully, the other 4 and the shirt for the male skater will go much more quickly. Todays was going from about an AS to a girls 10. I just hate ripping out stitiching.  It is bad enough when it is my own mistakes, but ripping out others is even more tedious.

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