Sunday, January 23, 2011

It's great to be appreciated

Originally, I was going to post about the class I attended yesterday with Gail Doane (The class was amazing).  Something happened today that made me change my mind, in addition to just reading Jan's post on National Handwriting Day  .

For many reasons, this has been a rough week, and a few small acts of kindness and appreciation made me feel good today.  Because of weather I missed a class with Gail Doane on Friday.  My daughter and her friends received some news Thursday morning, that really upset them.  I am not going to write much about the problems, as I am trying to not add to the drama that was caused. I seriously doubt that anyone reading here was part of it, but it is time to move on. But I am proud of the young ladies that are moving beyond it, and have decided to bond together, work harder, and show everyone what they can do.  Now if we as parents can support them, and leave the drama behind ourselves.  I honestly think at times, it is hard for us as adults to leave it behind, and in this case, we need to follow the example of these young ladies.

As far as being appreciated, I hadn't intended to be back at the rink today for our beginner practice today.  After Intermediate practice, we went out to eat, and had some time to waste before the public session where MiniAxelgirl was going to come up and skate with Axelgirl.  Because of the weather Axelgirl and I decided to just sit at the rink and watch the Beginner teams, rather than head to Joanns, or the Mall. I walked in, and one of the younger skaters, about 7 or 8 met me and gave me a box of Ghirardelli Valentine Chocolates  :)  I asked her why, not sure why I deserved anything, and she said it was from her family (they have 3 skaters on the younger teams) as thanks for everything I have done with the costumes.  Then a few minutes later, they gave me a basket of bath products and a card signed by the coaches (who added personal notes), and with all of the kids signatures.  While I did spend a lot of time with the team, it was all done without expecting anything in return.  I was doing what I was 'supposed' to do.  But it was great to feel appreciated, and the note will go on my sewing room bulletin board.  The chocolates will go in the sewing room, for when I need a piece.

Jan's post reminded me that I am, and always have been very negligent on sending personal notes.  IF I remember to send a card, it is usually of the Hallmark variety.  But looking at that card again tonight, and realizing the pick me up it gave me that I needed, has me once again saying that I need to be better about sending notes.  There are so many cute notecards out there, available at a reasonable price, that there is no reason not to.  Lets hope I can follow through on my intentions.

Sorry this didn't have much to do with sewing, other than the sewing is what got me the note, which got me thinking.............

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