Tuesday, January 4, 2011

More Lycra

Yuck.  Altered 2 more of the skating dresses, but won't be able to fit them until Sunday.  I'm hoping for a good fit.  Noticed that since the skirts were chiffon, they were pulling out at the waist on some of the dresses.  This was true of the the two dresses I received tonight to cut into parts.

Also started on the male skaters shirt.  All I need to do on it is the cuffs, and it is done.  Probably a 15 minute job, so will hopefully do that tonight or early tomorrow.  That will just leave 2 dresses left.   I have a feeling all 7 will need to be shortened with a rolled hem on the serger.  Once we figure the length it should be easy, but I need the skaters for that.  I will bring my machines with me Sunday to practice.   Also realized I needed to put name labels in the dresses.  I think that can be done Sunday as well.

After that, I hope to pleat up and tie off a pink pima broadcloth basic square yoke for my favorite pink princess.  Need to decide on smocking colors and a smocking design.  If she likes it when done, I have another one in mind using the Moda Pixie Dust Fabric, and smocking it with some beads, like Pixie Dust.  She is skating to a song with Axel Girl called Pixie Dust, and I think it would be fun to do.  Now the real question is, geometric or picture smocking...........  I need to decide so I know which binder of plates to look through.   One of my goals this year is to start taking more handwork with me when I go places.  So much wasted time.  I also need to do a quick pickup of the area.  Things get out of place too quickly.

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