Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Not much sewing going on right now, but there will be

I haven't done much sewing the last few days.  But, I will be.  Less than a month till all the lycra needs to be sewn up.  A bit more to order as well.

I am looking forward to Friday and Saturday.  2 days of classes with Gail Doane.  That will be a lot of fun.  Need to unpack and reorganize my sewing stuff for that.  Some stuff is still in boxes from the trip to Michigan this weekend.  Glad I brought it.  Had to alter some pants, and one of the girls competition dresses.  I would say that most of the girls enjoyed the trip, and the teams skated well, but they didn't place as well as they had hoped.

I didn't get to smock on Mini Axelgirls dress this weekend.  Just didn't have the time to do it.  But will start making the time.

Since I don't have anything new to show, I will show some pictures from the Gateway Competition last November.  I made these 3 dresses.  2 were new for this competition, the one with the ribbon was made about a year ago.  I just received the cd this weekend, because I was late in ordering it.  I will say, I think Kevin Devine Photography ( www.kevindevinephotography.com ) always does an excellent job.  I have over 200 pictures to pick from for 4 programs all on CD, so I can print and edit the ones I want.  I haven't looked at the synchro one yet.  Ignore the scary eye makeup in some of the pictures with the periwinkle dress.  A friend helped axelgirl with her makeup, and was a tad bit heavy handed.  I will say, the periwinkle dress is my favorite so far that I have made.  I am thinking about adding stones to the straps.  Hopefully, this dress will fit for a long time.  I think the aqua may need a few more stones as well.  Need to see what the budget says about the stones though.

Periwinkle dress, she used this for her freeskate and compulsories

Camel spin

 Catch foot spin, this is my favorite picture from this competition I think

 Front of dress.  I need to count and see how many crystals are there.  I'm thinking I did close to 300
 Not the best picture, but I'm a sucker for the ones that show her jumps off the ice
 Another one, showing some of the skirt 'movement'
 This is a dress from last season.  It has 1000+ sequins hand sewn on with a seed bead on each one.  She skates to a 'water' themed program.  I love the look on her face.  If you know her, you can tell from her hand position as well.  It shows her nerves.  They were having problems with her music, and she had to stand on the ice and wait until they could get it resolved. 
 Part of the back of the dress.  You can see Mini AxelGirl and her mom watching, along with my in-laws.  Mini Axelgirl watched her very closely the entire time, and came away from the competition wanting to compete :)
 Another skating element.  How she does this, and manages the ribbon in the other hand, I will never know.  I couldn't do either.
Aqua dress.  At first she didn't like this one.  She thought the shirring was to 'pouffy'.  Everyone else liked it, so she eventually accepted it, and now likes it.  Does it need more stones?  Any thoughts?   Back of dress is below.  The bodice is lycra with matching mesh over the top.  Skirt is two layers of the mesh.  The top of the mesh is shirred at about a 3:1 ratio I believe.

That's about it for now.  Will hope to post new sewing by the end of the week.

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