Monday, January 24, 2011

Pretty in Pink

Friday and Saturday, I was supposed to be in classes with Gail Doane, hosted by Spirit of St. Louis Smockers.  Friday, the weather prevented me from going.  But I was there Saturday.  The class was wonderful.  It was the Buttons and Blossoms baby jacket.  Now to hopefully finish it someday.  I am shooting for September, as I made an 18 month size.  I need to decide what fabric to make the dress out of.  Gail had a pretty floral, but I couldn't find it on the website she said.  I can always use the turquoise microcheck.  Need something that goes with the colors but isn't too summery.  My niece lives in Tuscon, so the lighter weight is great for fall/winter, but I don't want the fabric to be too summery.

As usual, the group did an excellent job putting on the class.  Martha had fabric printed with our logo, and the table favors were a pin cushion on Friday, and a little bag to put your thread snips in on Saturday.  Saturday, I also won a door prize.  They were purchased through Jan at  Hence the title of todays post.  I received all sorts of pink trims.  Solid and gingham piping, pink entredeux, picot trim, pink floral bias, pink buttons, 2 kinds of pink ric rac.  Here is a picture.
Now to find the time and the creativity to come up with things to do with them.  I love how each item is tied so neatly with a bow.

On the lycra front, I should be going to a guild meeting, but I started on the dresses for Winter Classic today.  I realized that the stretch lace I bought does not have enough stretch.  So I took a nap to figure out what to do.  So now, I am going to stay home and work with lycra.  And that fits the title as well, as the first dress is pink, and several others are variations of pink.


  1. You should be in pink heaven! :-) It's been a dream of mine to take a class with Gail Doane. And another with Jeannie Baumeister.

  2. Ellen, I have had several classes with Gail. She is a wonderful, patient teacher. Now actually finishing projects is another story. Her things always just seem so useable, which I like.

    I have never taken a class with Jeannie. Her classes at convention never make it to the top of my list. I know she is a wonderful teacher, but her kits are usually very high, and her stuff isn't as wearable in everyday life, at least around here, as Gail's is. Unfortunately, kit costs always play a role in my class decision. Hopefully some day that won't be the case, but when I get to go, I do try and watch my costs.

    Once I get through the competition in a month, I hope to have time to figure out what to make with the stuff. Right now, I should be working on the lycra.

  3. I love both Gail and Jeannie. I pick classes at SAGA by what I want to learn then save for 5 months for the kits. Wendy has more expensive ones.

    Have fun with all the pink stuff. What a great treasure. I am using some pink entredeaux on a daygown.