Sunday, January 30, 2011

A slow start to the day, but fairly productive. Took a while to get started as I had some things to do, like grocery shopping before the supposed upcoming storm.  Not much hope that it won't happen, but still wishful thinking. Thanks to my cousin for coming over and helping with the cutting out.  She was going to come out Monday and Wednesday, but with the upcoming weather, came out today instead.  She brought Mini Axelgirl with her and Axelgirl watched Toy Story and The Goofy Movie with her while they did Perler Beads.  This was Mini Axelgirls first time with them (we had tons left over from when Axelgirl was younger), and she did really well following a pattern.  She made a figure skater :) and Axelgirl made a frame of her own design for Mini Axelgirl.  If the weather forecast is wrong, she may be able to come out and help me later.

Time to get serious about the 22 yards of lycra plus more coming that need to be sewn up in the next week and a half.  Here is a picture of what I originally had, and remember more is coming, and some came but just isn't in this picture..

Here is a tally of what needs to be made, a quick description, and where I'm at.  It is a tally for me as well, so I can keep track.

  1. Wicked Dress-Axelgirl-hot pink hologram with silver mesh overlay, sweetheart neckline.  First dress made, need to remake the bodice. (supposed to be white lace over pink, but it wasn't stretchy enough when it came in)
  2. Wicked Dress-Friend-Same as Axel Girl's dress, in green and black.  Still waiting on black mesh (was supposed to be black lace over green, but it wasn't stretchy enough when it came in)
  3. BoomBoomPow-Axelgirl-Lime green leggins with leotard, black tutu.  Pants made, leotard cut out (fabric not in picture)
  4. BoomBoomPow-Friend-Will make hers after she tries on Axelgirls outfit, will be the same, but mirrored
  5. Dance Dress-Have fabric and design, need to think through the how tos (violet red lycra with violet mesh overlay, lots of shirring)
  6. PIxie Dust-Axelgirl-Pattern is about drafted, have fabric (silver hologram, lavender mesh, with pink mesh accents)
  7. Pixie Dust-Mini Axelgirl-have fabric (silver hologram, pink mesh, with lavender mesh accents)
  8. Footwork-Cut out (swirly fabric with blue skirt, pink tulle petticoat)
  9. Spotlight-still waiting on fabric (red/red hologram with keyboard design, not in picture)
  10. Lavender dress for friend, have fabric, need to measure her, and look at old dress to draft pattern (fabric not in picture)  A line dress with mesh skirt and floaty sleeves
  11. Black orange dress for friend, have fabric, and measurements (black/orange dot fabric, black velvet)
This seems to be a lot, but really is doable.  My goals for tomorrow, if I'm not subbing is to finish #s 11, 3, 6, 8.   I'm supposed to be subbing, and have been trying to get into the system all day to cancel, and it isn't letting me in.  The bigger issue is, I don't remember the times or what school it is for.  Think I'll send the admin an email.

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