Sunday, February 6, 2011

Crunch Time

Tonight I told Matt I was in "Spring Show Mode"  This meant that I was only sewing this week, and nothing else was getting done.  Unfortunately for a lot of reasons, I was not able to get much done last week.  I have finished two dresses, one still needs crystals.  There is still a lot left to do.  I will post pictures later.  I did make a matrix on the white board, of what needs to be done.  I will take a picture when I go down in the morning.  Then I can post updates on that.  Maybe if I had done a list earlier it would have helped.

The big question remains why I can't get motivated when I need to.  I'm not sure the answer to that question.  We had 3 1/2 snow days last week, and Matt was working from home.  I know that was part of the problem.  Not sure the rest.  I am frustrated.  Alyssa was supposed to have practice tonight, so we went to dinner and were supposed to be at the rink from 6.30 to 9.00.  We left the house for dinner at 4.30, and and got to the rink on time.  When we got there, we found out through an error the team did not have ice.  So we got home about 8.00, instead of 10.  I really didn't complete any additional sewing than was planned, as I did the handwork that I was going to do at the rink.  But, I feel like I lost out on several hours of sewing.  If I had not had to go to the rink, I could have been at the machine, and had another dress close to being completed.  And I am not the only frustrated person.  This was SuperBowl Sunday, and that says it all.....

I think after this week is over, I need to find a project I want to do, for me, for no reason.  Order some nice fabric, and try something different.  But, I always hesitate doing things like that, because it isn't practical.  I have  no one to us it, etc.  I think I need to move past that.  I do have several projects going that I do enjoy so maybe that will help.

Any ideas on a fun project, just because.  Maybe an elaborate Wee Care gown?

And just because I feel like I need a picture, I will share this one.  Since I am up to my eyeballs in skating dresses, here is the first skating dress I ever made.  It is a Kwik Sew Pattern, I don't see it on the website, but can look it up if you are interested.  Fabric is a lime green tye dye stretch crushed velour, probably purchased at Hancocks.  I don't have the dress anymore, or any scraps, but I have a feeling it didn't have the correct stretch.  I also didn't  like how the hem rolled.

I had sworn I would never sew knits before this.  This dress was made with no variations to the pattern.  Now, I don't do anything to the pattern.  My how times have changed.  This was made in Spring of 2003.  If I remember correctly, this means Axelgirl was in 1st grade and 7 years ago.  Now she is in 9th grade and 15.  I've shared recent skating pictures, so will not add those tonight.  But if anyone knows where my little girl has gone, please let me know  :)

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