Sunday, February 13, 2011

From this . to this . . to this . . . and its over

I have been posting about the skating dresses I have been working on.  All but one was finished Friday afternoon.  The one that wasn't I had a back up plan for.  Many thanks to my cousin Emily, With My Child Series, for all of her help in cutting, applying crystals, design advice, and just keeping me company this last week as I worked on these.  Unfortunately her daughter and Alyssa were not able to compete this week due to an injury, so they will try again in 2 weeks at Show Me Games.  I will say that Emily has a new hobby to keep her occupied with crystals.  I gave her a hotfix tool, and some crystals, and she immediately started putting them on things.  Nothing in her house is safe.

I'm really not sure what the total yardage of fabric ordered purchased was, but I did start with this.  This is about 22 yards of lycra.  Not all fabric ordered was used, as I had to purchase in full yard increments of most of it, so I have lots of leftovers to work with.  Here is what 22 yards of lycra looks like, folded neatly on a shelf:

Work in various states:

Emily working on the Tinkerbell Dress, adding stones.  I can't thank her enough for her help

Remember the nice neat sewing room a few weeks ago, here it is now

Mini Axel girl at home among different pattern pieces where I was drafting them
 And here is the final result.  This is most of the dresses.  I will post the ones of Axel Girl and Mini Axel Girl in theirs when they compete in two weeks.

Dress for the Footwork Competition:

Dress for one of Axelgirls friends

Dress for a friends daughter, sorry they are sideways

Axelgirl and friend in their costumes for the song from Wicked, For Good

Axelgirl and another friend in their outfits for Black Eyed Peas - Boom Boom Pow
 And her dress for the Glee version of Don't Stop Believin
Emily did a great job on the crystals.  She was duplicating the explosion on the original Journey album.  Coach has told us to add more crystals to the dress, and Emily was grinning at the thought to paint with crystals again.

 And here is Axelgirl with her biggest fan, Mini Axelgirl, and friend.  I am glad she was feeling well enough to come out and cheer Axelgirl on today.

All other dresses worn this weekend were older, previous made dresses, and I did not get current pictures.  I still have an Ice Dance dress to make, so stay tuned in a month or so.  For a while, I'm going to move away from man made fabrics, and enjoy making something out of natural fibers.

And it's over.......
The competition ended with Axelgirl placing in 10 events.  A total of 3-1st place, 4-2nd place, 2 -3rd place and 1-6th place.  The 6th place was in an even called surprise.  You never know what you are doing until its over.  For this event, this group had to start with their skates off, sitting on a chair on the ice.  They then had to tie the skates and skate to the other end of the rink.  I have always said Axelgirl is the world's slowest at tying her skates, and she proved it at this event.  But we are very proud of her.  She worked hard to get everything together and did a great job.

We ended the evening by going to Outback for dinner.  It was nice and I had a drink just to reward myself for finishing everything.


  1. I am always amazed at your talent with lycra and crystals! Everything looks amazing. Congrats to Alyssa on all of her events!

  2. Congratulations to you and Alyssa! I think you deserved that dinner and drink!