Monday, February 28, 2011

Sprinkle me with Pixie Dust

Wow, I haven't sewn in over 2 weeks.......  And tomorrow is the first of March.  Things have just been busy, and I haven't made it a priority.

As promised, here are the pictures of Axelgirl and Mini Axelgirl skating a Family Spotlight at Mini Axelgirls first competition.  As she told Coach Gina when she got off the ice, 'that was fun'.  That is what it is all about.  I'm sure taking home a medal was fun as well.  They came in 3rd place.

Dress bodices are 2 layers, a silver shimmery hologram, topped with stretch mesh.  This gives a nice soft shimmery effect.  Skirts are 3 layers, bottom is the silver, middle is the color on the other girls dress, top matches the bodice.  Skirts were sewn in without the pedals.  Those were cut after construction.

Their music was Sprinkle Me with Pixie dust from one of the Tinkerbell movies.  Can't remember which one.  I made the dresses, and the stones were done by Mini Axelgirl's mom (my cousin) Emily.  I did do the stones on the tights.  Wings were $1.00 from Dollar General, with a few crystals added. 

Pictures were either taken by my Aunt (Mini Axelgirls Grandma).  There was a great turn out to cheer them on.  It was lots of fun.

Starting Pose

 After the Skate
 Axelgirl lifting MiniAxelgirl up to sign for her medal
 With the Medals

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  1. Congratulations to Axelgirl and Miniaxelgirl! What an exciting time! The costumes are beautiful.