Friday, March 18, 2011

Gift Idea for Little Girls

I wish were were still in the stage of PreSchool/Primary Grade Birthday Parties.  I think I would have had a new favorite gift.  This is part of the gift Axelgirl will give MiniAxelgirl at her 'kid' birthday party this weekend.  More on the rest of the gift to follow.  It is still a work in progress.

She loves pink, butterflies, and peace signs, and did I mention PINK!   Since we are going to both the kid and family party, I felt the need to have 2 different gifts.  One for each party.  Since I didn't want to go over budget, the one for the kid party is going to come from the sewing room  By some warped logic, I feel gifts that come from existing sewing/craft supplies are free, and that embroidery designs do not count in the cost of the gift, even if I purchase them specifically for that. 

I could have used a few of these when Axelgirl was smaller.  It is a clippie keeper from GG Designs.  This is from her Felt Stitchies  .  This is the first time I have used her designs, and I was pleased.  I do feel that I might be able to modify some designs I already have to do a Clippie Keeper in the future.  I did add the crystals just because.  They are swarovski hot fix, probably from Dreamtime CreationsThe clippie covers, bunny, and heart peace sign are also from her Felt Stitchies design.  The heart and butterfly are from Designs by Juju . Butterfly is from Itty Bitty Applique, and Heart is from Itty Bitty Applique Patches.  The butterfly was done to match the butterfly her mom did at my house to on a t-shirt and pair of shorts.  I did add the S in Curlz font to the heart.  All designs are stitched on plain craft felt, except the bunny, which is on glitter felt, and the peace sign cover, which was in my box of scraps.  Bunnies were Axelgirls favorite animal when she was little, and it was so cute, I just had to do one.   I have lots of ideas for more, but decided to stop at 5, since there will be more gifts.

I do feel that my trimming leaves a lot to be desired.  I also sewed the butterfly out on tulle, as I didn't want the felt behind it, and wanted to add some stability, but not have it show, but am not happy with it.  Need to think about this some more.
Clippie Keeper
 Close up of Clippie Keeper
 Woven Clippie Cover and Bunny Clippie
 Butterfly Clippie.  Need to trim the tulle some more
 Heart Peace Sign and Heart Monogram Clippie
I also feel the need to add, I am not connected to any of the websites, other than a satisfied costumer.


  1. A cute gift and great logic! I especially love the bunny clippie for the Easter season!

  2. What adorable little "clippies"...such a wonderful and unique gift idea!