Sunday, March 20, 2011


For those whose High School Spanish is as rusty as mine is, or never took it, Mariposa means Butterfly in Spanish. 

As mentioned in a previous post, Friday was MiniAxelgirls Birthday.  She was 5.  The plan was for Axelgirl (and us) to go to the family party on Saturday, Sunday I would take Axelgirl to the kid party.  Yesterday, she gave her the main gift, which is a promise to spend time with her and take her to the mall to 'shop'.

We decided to go with a Butterfly/Mariposa theme for the gifts today, as she loves butterflies, and we knew she would be receiving a doll she would name Mariposa.  Most of these items were made to match the theme.  Much of it was from items I already had a s well.  I think we spent less than $7.00 on new items. (this doesn't count embroidery files, and they don't count anyway).  Here is a picture of all of the new items.  The water bottle and spring themed sillybands are from Dollar General.

Quillows are 15X20 fleece, pockets are cut 6" square.  I have embroidered a  design on each of the pillow squares, then they are sandwiched together so no back side of embroidery shows.  The one for Mariposa has an M and a butterfly on the other side.  For her other doll, named Rapunzel has a flower and an R.  Not sure what the font is, embroidery designs are from Designs by Juju

Beaded socks.  I already had the beads and socks, so it is a pair of simple crocheted socks with little butterfly beads, and small round beads.  All beads are plastic.

Butterfly catching outfit.  Her mom came over and embroidered a unicorn and butterfly on a short set earlier this week.  This is my attempt at duplicating it.  Because the unicorn design was to big for a doll, I put the butterfly on it instead.  This is the same butterfly used on the hair clip and Mariposa's quillow. Outfit is from a Simplicity pattern for 18" dolls.  I did shorten the shorts about an inch. and cut over an inch to lower the waist, as it was REALLY high.    The shirt I altered the pattern slightly as well, and cut up a tshirt to have ribbing at the neck.  The butterfly net is an inside of a wooden embroidery hoop, a dowel rod, and some tulle.  If I have time, I will try and type up the steps for a tutorial if anyone is interested.

And of course, the clippie keeper from the other day.

I hope to get to do some other sewing this week.

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