Saturday, March 12, 2011

Still not much sewing

I still haven't been sewing much.  Just been too busy.

What have I done.  Let's see, Axelgirl started track, and is doing distance.  On Friday's the girls have 'spandex' day, where they wear spandex shorts.  The first week she wore a pair of purchased, plain black ones.  This week, Thursday night, about 9:00 I made a pair of polka dot shorts from scraps for her.  Sorry, no pictures  :)  I am sure there will be many more from the scraps this season.  They are quick and easy.  Now that I have made the first pair, I know what changes to make.

I did stitch out a sample of a design to do on a leotard for Mini Axelgirl.  Here is the sample.  It will be stitched on a red velvet leotard, with her name in pink on the back around the opening.  Design is from Planet Applique.  I think it is the first time I have ordered from them, and it stitched out well.  Her mom wants it for her to wear to her birthday party next weekend.  So I need to go do that.  Speaking of designs, Designs by Juju has a good sale right now.  Need to get my designs ordered tomorrow morning.  20 packs for $75.00.

I've been trying to find some smocking time.  Here is a bsy I am working on, this will probably be for Mini Axelgirl.  The design is just sort of evolving, based on a few I liked.  I knew what I was doing, then stopped working on it for a while, and didn't remember my plan.  So I am going to work from top and bottom, and make it work in the middle.  I'm not as thrilled with the color choices as I was in the beginning though.   I did thread some beads on crochet cotton to do some beaded socks as well.  I also have a bishop to finish and make a diaper cover to go with it for my niece.  Hopefully I will make progress on both this week.  Lots of little things, but no real progress.

I'm trying to decide what we should get MiniAxelgirl for her birthday.  She will be '5' and is stuck on the number representing the age.  So I'm thinking the gift needs to be related to 5 somehow.  And am looking for suggestions.  We actually need 2 gifts.  We are going to both her family birthday on Saturday, and she will get her main present then.  Axelgirl is going to take her shopping, to her movie, or some other gift of time for the gift, so she will get a gift certificate.  Sunday is her kid party, gymnastics themed, and that is where I am looking for something for.  I am thinking something along the line of 5 hair clips, 5 pairs of beaded socks, etc.  She did just get an 18" AG doll this weekend, so that is another option.  I did see some designs for ME hairclips here, and like the keeper for them, but would be expensive to buy all of the designs.  I also have never used designs from here, so wonder how they stitch.

So hopefully more sewing time this week.  Axelgirl is on Spring Break, but has track practice everyday, along with skating, so I really need to get my handwork together.  Hopefully tomorrow I can get some time.  Dad is going to take her to synchro practice, and we are going to see Gnomeo and Juliet as a family, but that should be about it.

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