Monday, March 14, 2011

This March is different

Wow, today is the first day of Spring Break.  And you know what we woke up to.  SNOW!  Depending on where you get your forecast, anywhere from 2-5 inches is expected today.  A perfect day to stay in and sew, except we have many activities planned.  Axelgirl was supposed to skate this morning, but decided to sleep in, so we moved that to this afternoon.  Track practice (maybe), and a Dr. appointment are all on the calendar.  Then tonight Mini Axelgirl has her group class, and we like to go and watch.  Probably should check the rink by the Dr. office to see if it works better for scheduling.

Out my backdoor this morning

I am ready for spring.  I am not a big summer/hot weather fan, but do like spring. The good news is it will be 77 degrees on Thursday, so we are not shoveiling.

Sign that spring is coming. 

My real thoughts right now, are am I going to miss it.  What is it you ask?  The Spring Ice Show at the rink we used to take lessons at.  For scheduling reasons, we had to switch last fall, so we will no longer be participating in it.  It was a large production, 3 shows, over 100 group skaters (typically about 12 group numbers), synchro teams performed each night, along with solos.  For the last 5 years, I was involved with the costuming.  The first 2 years I worked with another mom and a coach and we coordinated everything.  The last 3, it was just the coach and I.  I planned, shopped, drafted patterns, sewed, applied trim, whatever was needed.  There were always a few moms ready to step in and help, but it was all consuming from about the beginning of March until the end of May.  I was responsible for all group number costumes.  Synchro teams had their own costumes, and Soloists were responsible for their own as well.  I always had to make a solo costume for my daughter

So my answer is yes and no.

Yes-I will miss it.  I will miss the creative process, seeing it through from beginning to end.  I will miss the sewing.  I was forced to make time for it, even if it was cheap fabrics, confetti dot, lycra, and not my 'style'.  Watching the practices, seeing the kids learn new skills.  Seeing the joy on the younger skaters the night of the first show. Lunches with other moms where we take some extra time to just sit and talk.

No-I will not miss it.  The time.  My family being put on back burner.  Sleepless nights.  Sending coaches emails in the middle of the night, because I had an idea.  I haven't maintained a garden in those years.  The complaints from parents and skaters because they don't like their kids costume, or how it fits (hey if you don't like it, volunteer to help next year-there is plenty of work to go around).  The poorly planned meals my family had to eat-lots of fast food.  Not being able to watch my own child because of a wardrobe emergency.  Depending on others for pictures/videos because I didn't have time.

So the answer is yes and no.  It has been part of my life for a while now, and it feels odd for it not to be there. But, I hope to do other things as well.  I was hoping to do some prep work in the gardens this week.  Guess I have to put it off.  Maybe I'll go buy some little pots and start some seeds?  Maybe I'll challenge myself to sew more during this time, what I want to.  Maybe it is time to step up Wee Care production.  I can think of lots of things to fill the void with.  But I will miss it.

Here are a few pictures from previous years.  Faces have been blurred for privacy.  This is from 2008 or 2009, when we were representing different types of dance.  Unfortunately, I do not have pictures from all the years, or even all of the numbers from this show.  I did add in Axelgirls solo dress as well.




Jai Ho
Techno Version of Swan Lake


The Twist

Various Solo Costumes for Axelgirl for previous spring shows.  I couldn't find them all.  Maybe I should use my 'found free time' to organize my hard drive.

Time to move on, and embrace the changes.

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