Monday, June 27, 2011

Another UFO-Now to Finish

We finished our basement 4 years ago.  The big plus of that was my sewing room.

All along, I figured I would do it in a pale yellow/periwinkle color scheme.  4 years later, the walls are yellow, and I still haven't found the fabric I was imagining.  I would come close, but there wouldn't be enough, or there wasn't a coordinate, or I didn't want to spend the money that  week, or a thousand other reasons.

Today, I went to a quilt shop that online had fabric that looked promising.  It was a new collection that they had gotten in with hydrangeas in it.  Since that was sort of the colors I was looking for, I went to take a look.  The fabric wasn't quite what I wanted, and they didn't have the big hydrangea print with the blue background, only pink.  There was another collection that had some nice purples, and a pretty spring green, but not enough yellow to really go with the walls.  At this point, I knew that I just had to find something, and make it work.  I was never going to find exactly what I wanted.

These are the fabrics I ended up with.  It must be a fairly new collection, as I can't find much reference or pictures online.  It is called Sew Lovely by Andover.  The store I bought it had it listed as coming in June 2011.  Here is what I bought.  I purchased 2 yards of each.  Excuse the picture quality.  I took it in the car with my phone.  I was just excited to find something I like and finally have a decision.  Hopefully it will look ok with the yellow walls. 

I also purchased part of their quilt panel.  Not sure how I'm going to use it yet.

In looking around online, I found that there are a few more prints available.  Here is a link to the entire collection:  Sew Lovely by Andover  
I have never ordered from this website, so do not know about their service.

I have 2 small basement windows, an ironing board, and a bulletin board to begin with.  I also have to office rolling chairs I am thinking about recovering to match as well.  There is also an old rocking chair that belonged to my great uncle that is in the sewing room.

My current thought is this, and please share ideas
Window: out of the striped fabric
Bulletin Board: out of the button fabric, maybe doing the ribbon thing on it out of tape measure ribbon?
Ironing board: out of the pin fabric
New cushions on the rocking chair out of   the pin fabric with covered buttons out of the button fabric  (Axeldaddy has commented many times how he is afraid he will end up sitting on a pin) with a small pillow on it out of the button fabric.
Office chairs-maybe out of the teal tonal sewing baubles fabric on the website

Not sure if this would be to busy or not.  Is it too many different fabrics?  Do I need more of the fabrics?  More quantity of fewer fabrics?

What I bought is currently in the washing machine.  Next the dryer, and then the fun.  I hope to finish a good part of it this week before we pick Axelgirl up from camp.

Please share any opinions, positive or negative.

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