Sunday, June 26, 2011

UFO's or UnFinished Objects

Like a lot of people I know, I have a lot of unfinished projects.  And to be honest, some I will probably never finish.  I just need to be honest and do a good cleaning out of drawers and closets in the sewing room.  And there are some I have forgotten about.  Last night, while looking for some handwork to keep me busy, I found a size 1 Mary De fully smocked, awaiting construction.  It is even older than the one I finished today. 

Many times, like the one I finished this morning, only a bit of work was needed. I started it about 3 years ago.   I finished it in under 1 1/2 hours today.  I dug it up several weeks ago, without a recipient and mind, ripped out the smocking that was done, and smocked something different.  Since it was already back smocked and mostly constructed there was only one small figure.  I just had to pick a design and it was done in an evening in front of the tv.  All that was left to do after this, was the back buttons and buttonholes, and the crotch and snaps. 

Here is the one I finished.  It is a Primrose Lane-Michaela with the straight sleeves.  I started it about 3 years ago.  The main fabric is a lightweight denim, most likely from JoAnns.  The red gingham bias is probably pima cotton gingham left over from a dress I made my daughter 8 years ago.  It is smocked with one Sailboat from Ellen McCarn's "Sail"-abration.

All of the inside bias bindings are from the red gingham, even if they aren't visible.  The collar is a white pique of some origin.  I have lots of pieces of white collar fabric in the sewing room, and grab whatever will work for the project.  I couldn't find any blue buttons that matched, so I went with red.  I thought about doing covered buttons out of the gingham but felt the shanks would be to uncomfortable on an infant.

I honestly don't remember that much about the construction details/troubles, as it has been so long since I made it.  I know there is a lot of piping on it, and my piping skills have gone down hill since then.  I just don't do it enough anymore.  I do remember that I did it in the middle of a bunch of lycra sewing, and enjoyed the change and challenge.

I am pretty happy with how this turned out.  I am starting to think of another one to make for fall, for someone else, with a coordinating big sister outfit.  I probably should have washed the marking lines out and ironed before I took pictures.  Need to do that before I send it off to its recipient.  She has promised to share pictures when her son is able to wear it.  That's the best part.  Seeing your clothing worn.

 Smocking Closeup

Finished Front

Finished Back

Just for fun Gingham details, I'm thinking the inside tab could be a cute place for something special, maybe initials of the wearer or something like that.


  1. I LOVE your denim version of Michaela. I have made this pattern, too, and I think it's perfect for little boys. Your denim version is so masculine and still so cute. You have inspired me to copy you!! I just discovered your blog and I like it. I became a follower and look forward to more of your lovely creations!

  2. Thanks for following me, I have added you as well. Feel free to copy. It was originally supposed to be smocked with a cowboy boot, but somewhere along the way I messed up. Rather than figure it out, I just did something different.