Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My favorite fabric in the whole world...........

Sorry to assault your eyes with this fabric right off.  Saturday,  Axelgirl and I made her a new pair of skating pants.   This is some fabric we had left over from a competition dress that she chose for the bottom cuffs and waistband on a black pants.  She had talked about ordering new fabric, but I wasn't going to buy a yard minimum  and pay shipping for two 4X12peices and one 5X28 piece.  As we were working tonight that was her comment about the fabric.

Later she asked me what my favorite fabric was, and I said I really didn't have one, but if I had to pick, it would probably be the multi color dotted swiss, available from Farmhouse Fabrics and other heirloom stores.  It is not a practical fabric by any means, but I just love little girls dresses made from it.

But, back to the pants.  Her current practice attire of choice is a pair of tight fitting black pants, and a t-shirt or leotard.  This is what a lot of the girls wear, and we have been trying to find time to make a new pair for a while.  She currently has 3 pair that we made last summer, and a pair that she bought about 6 months before that, so it is time to start replacing them.  It is cheaper to make them than to pay $60 or $70 a pair.  Chloe Noel or Under Armour are the pairs most commonly seen at the rinks.  The ones we made last year were from standard lycra and a little lighter weight than the purchased ones.  This time we made them with Jumbo Spandex/Super Stretch which is a heavier weight, so I am curious to see how they hold up.

The pattern is one we developed last year, to fit her, using her purchased pants, Kwik Sew patterns, and her thoughts so it would be what she wanted.  How wide the waistband trim was, how high the waistband is, and tweaked it to fit her.  I would say the entire project probably took less than an hour.  She did most of the work, with me just telling her what steps were next.  They really are no more difficult than pj pants.  There are 5 pieces including waistband and cuffs, one piece of elastic and 10 seams/stitching segments.

First, Cutting
You can see that we are cutting above the pattern on the waist.  I need to retrace it, as we originally made it to low.  We just work off of a note on the pattern that says to cut it 1" higher.

Then sewing, you can still see shades of her pink stripe in her hair in the picture.  Most of it has faded out by now.   We use the serger for most of the sewing, but lycra/skating dresses can be sewn with a standard machine.  A serger is not necessary, but if you have it use it.  Don't be afraid of it.

 Finished pants

And to make the pants even better, they even match her newly pedicured toes!

And for those trying to read her t-shirt---- It says "I don't have ADD, its just that.....Oh Look a bunny rabbit"

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