Saturday, July 23, 2011

Nook Cover

I have been doing some sewing, but just a little bit here and there.  My big accomplishment this week was making a cover for my nook.  I knew that I would not be comfortable carrying it around in my purse without some sort of protection.  Looking at the cases in the store, I really didn't care for any of them.  So I went and looked on-line including etsy.  I decided at that point to make my own, and purchased this pattern from Birdiful Stitches on Etsy.  While I probably could have done without a pattern, it was nice to have someone figure out the measurements and all of that for me.

This is my first one.  Of course, I did not follow the directions exactly  : )  I never do.  Two more visible changes I made were using a ponytail holder for the closure instead of the bias loop, and I added an additional pocket big enough to hold the nook.  This will allow me to slide it in there for better protection of the screen if necessary.  Internally I did not use the batting/interfacing combination.  Instead I used something I already had, can't remember what it is called.  It is the extremely heavy, thick craft interfacing.  It is not fusible fleece, but very heavy. 

I found this very difficult to turn, and my machine would not topstitch due to the thickness.  I need to try something different next time.  I do like how it has smaller slots for id/debit card, etc, but would like to see a spot for pen/pencil, and maybe a notebook.  I can also slip my reading glasses in one of the pockets and it still closes.

I will probably be doing another one in the next few months after using this one, and figuring out what changes I want.

You will notice the customized picture on the front of the nook.  Axelgirl made custom screen savers for her dad and me, so that we could tell them apart.  I think she did an excellent job.

All fabrics are from Joanns ever shrinking wall of quilting fabrics.
Nook Cover Closed

 Nook Cover Outisde, laying flat
 Nook Cover Inside, showing added pocket
 Nook cover Inside, with Nook in place

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