Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sewing Time

I have a lot of different thoughts about this going through my head about this, and will try and organize them in a clear manner.  This has been on my thoughts lately, as I go through phases where I manage to find the time, and others where I just can't/don't.  I am not ADHD, but have felt that way this week.  I think it was from Axelgirl being in camp for three weeks, and then jumping back into the mom duties at full pace.

One thing I do know, is that we all have limited time to pursue our hobbies.  Modern conveniences, in theory have given us more time to pursue our interests.  But it is up to us how we choose to use this time.  I think many of us choose to pack more and more into our schedules without taking time to prioritize and just say no.

Christmas 2009 Axeldaddy gave me the complete Little House on the Prairie TV Series on DVD.  18 months later, I still have not completed watching it.  In the last few weeks, I have been able to watch some of them, while taking the time to do handwork.  It has been rather enjoyable.  When Axelgirl is home, she watches with me, and we will occasionally send Axeldaddy "LHOP Updates"-usually making a smart-alec comment about what is happening.  While I realize that there are historical inaccuracies with the show, when you think about what the families in the late 1800's had to do, compared to what we have now, there are a lot of day to day activities that should be giving us more free time.

First, right now the item I am the most thankful for is Central Air Conditioning!  We are in the middle of several days where the heat index is over 100 degrees F.  This makes everything much easier.  Can you imagine baking your families bread on a wood stove to begin with, then doing it in this heat.  Or having to do your laundry by hand.  It only takes a few minutes now to toss a load in the washer, and come back to it an hour or more later. A refrigerator to keep our food fresh and safe.  Don't forget the car.  While a horse and buggy ride might be romantic on a special evening, lets face it, the car is much more practical, even when teaching an almost 16 yo to drive.  Then you add in things like TV, stereo, and the ever present computer and internet in our lives.  But it is up to us to use these things to our advantage, and make sure we allow ourselves time to do the things we enjoy.  This is definitely something I have learned in the last few weeks, and need to work on.

Over a week ago, I began the process of re-organizing the sewing room.  I am getting there, but have been sidetracked.  Axelgirl got a new desk for her room on Friday, so all of a sudden we were putting together a new desk, making room by moving things around, taking things out, etc.  So stuff went in the basement.  Then I started moving things around.  Then the mirror and the bulletin board in her room had to be moved.  So patching holes, and painting, then drilling more holes, and the list goes on.  So now, instead of one organization project, we are in the middle of 3.  I know this will cut into the sewing time this week. 

But one thing I have decided, is I am only going to work on projects I want to.  My time is limited.  If I started something 3 years ago, and didn't finish it, I should be asking myself questions.  Why didn't I finish it? Why am I keeping it?  Do I really like it?  Only pick the projects I like, and not feel bad eliminating the ones I don't want to do.  That may mean giving them away, or tossing them.  I need to be realistic.

Part of that is when asked to do something for someone else, only do what I want to.  Earlier tonight, I was asked to put a bustle on a wedding dress for a friend of a friend. Oh yeah, and she needs it in 4 days.  I said no, as i had no experience in this area and the time period was really short.  Earlier this year I was approached about making a Christening gown out of a wedding dress for a friend of a friend.  That fell through as well, as she wasn't willing to pay my price.  I'm seeing a trend here.  While each would be a challenge, and help me expand my skills, they were not really what I wanted to do.

I guess my point, is find time to pursue your hobbies and interests, and don't waste energy on those that you lose interest in, or don't take on a project, just because you feel like you should.

Right now, I am hoping to allow myself the time to spend with Axelgirl in the sewing room.  Before she left for camp, we bought fabric for her a sundress to make together.  I am hoping she still wants to do this with me.

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