Saturday, August 6, 2011

16 years of sewing for the Princess.......

Tomorrow, Sunday August 7, Axelgirl will be 16 years old.  It is hard to believe.  Even though I am behind on posting my current projects, I thought I would share with you some of the projects I have done for her.  I am sharing one from each year.  These may not have been taken on her birthday, but just from that year.  I will try and share what information I can remember, which may not be much on some of them  :)

2 months old in her crib

This is her at 2 months old.  It shows her bedding I also made.  I did not use a pattern for the bedding.  There were several coordinating primary color prints featuring carousel horses, and a pre-quilted print panel I added a border to.  I made sheets, dust ruffle, and bumper pads.  For her outfit, the shirt and headband were purchased, and I made the jumper.  It would have been from one of the Big 3 pattern companies, and the fabric was probably from JoAnns.

14 months old, First Halloween

She is 14 months old in this picture.  This was my first attempt at smocking.  I think the overalls are a CC Jeffrey.  Anyone notice the big old piping from JoAnns.  The fall print was probably from JoAnns.  Smocking plate was Pumpkins for Lorabeth, Sew Beautiful, 1996

2 years old, and I match my Daddy
Matching PJ's for Axelgirl and her daddy.  I think the fabric came from Hancocks, pattern would have been a Big 3 for Daddy, and either KwikSew or Big 3 for Axelgirl.

3 years old
Dress is Toddler Yoke Dress from Debbie Glenn, fabric was Imperial Broadcloth.  I can't remember the plate, and am to lazy to go look for it.

4 years old, Thanksgiving 1999
Dress is Childrens Corner Mary De.  Fabric is an Imperial Tartan.  Smocking Plate is from a Sew Beautiful and is by Chris Victorsen I believe.

5 years old
Bishop dress is Baby Blue? from ASE.  I know for sure it is from ASE, but may have the name wrong.  It is a nice versatile smocking design.

6 years old, kindergarten picture day
She is always one of the oldest in her class.  She missed the cutoff to start school by 7 days.  This is Island Traveler by Adele Jones from Sew Beautiful.  It is on a mottled dark purple quilting cotton stitched with bright variegated floss.  Pattern is Childrens Corner Mary De.
7 years old, Dolly and Me Tea Party for Birthday
Dress is made out of 60" wide broadcloth that Hancocks used to carry.  It is in a lavender color.  Smocking plate is done in white, with pink roses.    I know the sleeves are from Pascale in Sew Beautiful, but I think I used a different pattern for the yoke and neckline.  I did not want the neckline on Pascale.  Doll dress is modified from the Childrens Corner Doll pattern book.

8 years old
Dress is Childrens Corner Frannie.  It was reversible with a yellow print on the inside.  I remember purchasing the fabric at Marthas Market in Arlington that year.  Fabric is a quilting weight.

9 years old
My smocking days are pretty much over by now.  I believe the pattern for the top was a Lizzie McGuire from Simplicity.  The skort was one of the Big 3 that I had modified to be the way I wanted it to be.  Fabric was a quilting cotton weight, probably from Joanns, and had gold, green, and a pinky/red accents on it.
10 years old, I Like to Move It
This is one of many skating outfits I will make for her.  She is wanting Mommy-Mades less and less.  She was on a compulsory team, skating to music from Madagascar.  She was supposed to be the hippo.  Fabric from Betty at performance wear fabrics and Joanns.  The waist was made by covering an innertube, blowing it up, then tacking it to the leotard.
11 years old
This was her Christmas Show dress for the year.  Fabric again is from Betty, and pattern is a Specialty Sportswear.  This is the only time I have ordered a pattern from them, and probably will not in the near future.  Gloves are white gloves with sequins individually sewn on.  They had to be knotted every 2 or 3 sequins so that if they fell off it would not be a major problem.
12 years old
Another Christmas Show dress.  By now, I am a lot more confident in altering skating dress patterns.  Dress had a full circle skirt, and fabric was from performance wear fabrics again.
13 years old-Go Speed Racer Go
Another skating dress where I made a lot of modifications.  This was a footwork dress, and she was skating to music from Speed Racer.
14 years old
This was her rhythmic program, to water themed music. Again I made the dress pattern based on what I knew fit.  Fabric was from a variety of sources.  Outline of waves is done in over 1000 hand sewn sequins.  Takes more time, but is a lot cheaper than swarovski crystals.

15 years old
Axelgirl babysitting Mini-Axelgirl.  The pjs were supposed to be part of Mini-Axelgirl's Christmas present, but were not done on time.  Axel girl brought her doll at the request of Mini-Axelgirl.
Almost 16 years old
I don't have a picture of her at 16 yet, as she won't be there until tomorrow.   This is one of the latest I have, and nothing of her wearing anything new made by me.  All I have done for her is pj pants.  While overall she is not interested in sewing much, she does like to make her own skating pants.  So here she is cutting out the pants.  This is from about 2 or 3 weeks ago.

We love you, and are proud of everything you have accomplished, and the young lady you are.