Thursday, October 20, 2011

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

First, I am way behind.  I am going to try and figure out what is missing from here, and get it caught up, somewhat.  Maybe out of order, but I did this more for me to keep track of what I have accomplished.

One of my more recent things was from a contest from Adorable Heirlooms.On their facebook page, they had an ugly fabric contest.  Then it went from there where you had to make something from the fabric.

Well I won the 'ugly fabric' part, which gave me an extra 24 hours to create my masterpiece. I ended up creating a tiered skirt, appliqued shirt, and headband for my 5 year old cousin.  The best I can tell is that she loves it, and doesn't consider it ugly at all.  So while the fabric is a bit of an eyesore on its own, I was able to work  it into something that was pretty cute.

This is the entire ensemble.  When Mini Axelgirl was given the outfit, she immediately put the shirt and headband on.  I have to take the elastic in on the skirt so it fits.

 Axelgirl made the zebra from sculpey clay to go with the outfit.  A ribbon was placed behind it, and stitched on a purchased stretch headband
 One of the shape appliques from Designs by Juju, framing a zebra from the fabric.  Someone did refer to them as Demented Zebras during the contest.
This is the skirt...  No pattern was used.  It was supposed to be a girls 5-6.

  1. Determine finished length, waist size, and width of lining
  2. Using a cheap tshirt  that was about right for the finished width, and cut it to finished length - 2 inches, using the bottom as the bottom of the skirt. (this is your lining)
  3.  Cut 6 widths of fabric the length I needed. (Approx finished skirt length/3 + 1.5 inches).  Also cut an additional strip about 2 3/4 inches wide
  4. Sewed 2 strips together into a circle and roll hemmed with wooly nylon on the serger
  5.  4 thread serge the tops of the circles, then gather
  6. Pull gathering threads.  Starting from bottom of skirt, stitch bottom tier to lining with a wide zig zag stitch.  Bottom of fashion fabric should hang approx 1.5 inches lower than lining.  Apply next tier moving up the lining so that bottom of this tier hangs about 1.5 inches below top of lower tier.  Apply top/final tier to top edge of lining.  This should also hang about 1.5 inches below top of middle tier.  Adjust positioning if necessary. 
  7. Stitch waistband to form circle, fold waistband in half . stitch to skirt, leaving opening for elastic.
  8. Insert elastic in opening, secure ends of elastic, then stitch opening shut.

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