Friday, October 21, 2011

Bibs, Blankets, and Burp Rag, oh my!

I have a new nephew Ayden.  He will be two weeks old next Monday.  Don't know when we will get to see him, as they live in Tuscon.  We have only been able to see his older sister Corrine once, and that was when at her first birthday.

Of course I had to do some sewing for him.  Here are a bunch of bibs, blankets and burp rags that I have made recently.  I also made 2 sets for an interpreter at the school I recently subbed at for 8 weeks.  I need to get them up there to her.

 Just a bib with his name.  I'm not really happy with the result.  I used Palette v5. to digitize a font and the stitches are too long.  I don't do enough with it to know how to really fix it.
 2 more bibs.  Both Designs by Juju designs.  I just thought the tie design was cute and had to use it.  I never seem to have boy designs I like.  I hope this time I bought enough to last a while.
 Everybody loves Cookie Monster.  I made 2 different kinds of burp rags this go around.  Above using the pre-folds is a new way for me.  Below are pictures of how I used to do them.  It seems as the preferred way is the prefolds after looking online.  I'm curious to hear if Axelgirl's Aunt has a preference
 Dinosaurs to go with fabric picked out by Axelgirl for a blanket.  Fabric says things like Up to no good, and here comes trouble

 I really liked this monkey fabric, so I bought enough for 2 sets.  I thought it was good for boys and girls.  One set is for my SIL, the other for the interpreter.
 A monogrammed set.  I really should invest in some decent fonts, or figure out which fonts work best in Palette.  I would have liked denser stitching than these have.
 2 more baby blankets
 Reading Alien.  I really liked this design, I just find him really cute.  I was thinking about putting him on a sweatshirt for me, but not sure if I will be 'allowed' to.  Axelgirl says it would be 'weird'.
This is for the interpreter.  I found the I Love You design  here on Etsy.  She is not finding out what she is having, so I tried to make the 2 sets for her pretty neutral.

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