Saturday, October 29, 2011

Explosion in the Disney Princess Closet

It's been just over a year since Axelgirl introduced Mini Axelgirl to skating.  The first time she took her on the ice was sometime last October.  Mini Axelgirl has made great progress in that time and it has been fun watching her learn.

The first time we took her skating, Axelgirl and I decided at the last minute to make her a skating dress.  I mean like 2 or 3 hours before we had left. It was a simple dress, solid pink stretch velvet, with a butterfly applique and crystals.  Here is a picture of her then, with Axelgirl, getting ready to take the ice:

In the last year, not only has her skating improved, but she has gotten smarter, and of course grown.  And growing means you outgrow your clothes.  As soon as she outgrew this dress, I made her another one, with fabric I already had.  I also made her a dress for her and Axelgirls family spotlight.  Well, she has grown again, and had specific ideas.

For a while, MiniAxelgirl has been talking about wanting a light blue sparkly dress.  Axelgirl and I always found this funny.  After Axelgirl had been skating for a while, one of the girls in her class had a light blue sparkly velvet  practice dress, and she always wanted one.  For various reasons, I never really made her what she wanted.  She did get one several years later though  :)  Several weeks ago Mini Axelgirl mentioned to me that her dress was getting too small.  She just knew I would fix this problem.    So we discussed what she wanted, and light blue was still in the plans, but she also wanted pink.  She told me what she wanted, so after I got home, I thought about it.  I looked at pictures on line, drew up two designs and sent them to her to choose.  (Actually sent them to her mom, as she doesn't have her own email yet :)  )  They let me know which one she wanted, and I went from there.

This is the final result, and I think she is very pleased.

Sorry the pictures aren't very clear.  I forgot to take them with my camera and had to use my phone.  The pattern is my starting point for most child size skating dresses,  Kwik Sew 2177/2178 which includes a leotard pattern.  For this dress I did change the skirt line, and also did the color blocking.  This pattern is no longer showing as available on the Kwiksew website.  I would think that Kwiksew 3507/3508 would be a good starting point.  I do not have this pattern, so I have not used it.  It does have short sleeves which mine does not, but does not have the leotard option which I like to use when redrafting the skirt to make sure I get the overall length correct.

There is a reason I referred to this as an explosion in the Disney Princess Closet.....  That is what the fabric reminded me of.  The colors and the sparkle.  This dress required 16 different pattern pieces and 23 pieces of cut fabric I believe.  When I looked at all of the little pieces that was one of my first thoughts.

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