Sunday, October 30, 2011

Ice Dance Dress-and 497 crystals

I have had to make Axelgirl an Ice Dance dress for over a year.  Her coach told her when it was time to test her Silver Dances, she would get a new dance dress, but really didn't need a new nice one until then.

So about a year ago, I met with this coach and she gave me some ideas and pictures of what she thought would look nice, and picked colors for me.  In the pictures below, the color is really inconsistent.  The lining is a violet lycra (more of a violet red tone), with plum mesh over it.  I ended up messing up on the original bodice, and barely had enough fabric to do the bodice below.  The original plan did not call for using stones at all, but because of the lack of detail on the end result, it was really plain.  I want to thank my cousin for coming up with the paisley idea.

 Here are pictures of the final dress.  I am really pleased with the final result.  Hopefully she will be able to use this dress for a while.  She has one silver dance left, and then 2 more levels after that.

And pictures of the crystals in progress.  Overall, applying the crystals to the dress took 4 hours.  I am guessing I spent 3-4 hours at least the day before working up the design details and figuring out what to do.

Here is the original crystal layout.  This was done on a pattern tracing paper.  I then had to mark each section and apply the crystals onto the dress.  After the fact, I found out there is some mylar paper I could have used to do this.  I need to get some to have on hand.

Here are the crystals I accomplished in the first hour.  This picture probably represents the dress color the best.

Here are the crystals after 2 hours.  I started picking up speed and confidence after a while.

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