Wednesday, October 26, 2011

More Birthday Gifts

I have posted several things I made for my nieces first birthday back in July (Mistakes or Design Features).  I am going to finish up sharing those items today.

First, and one that I think turned out really cute is her "Big Sister in Training" dress.  This is a variation of the basic dress where you add a skirt to a RTW t-shirt.  The skirt in this case is mesh left over from Axelgirl's skating dresses.  It looks lighter and fluffier, more like some of the tutu dresses you see in the stores.  I used a similar technique to Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  The exceptions were each layer was cut double width and folded in half, and the edges of the mesh are not finished.  This is a personal preference, as I feel finishing the edges makes it heavy.  The fabric will not fray, and if not fiddled with, holds up pretty well.  Embroidery design is from nobbieneezkids.  Crystals are hotfix crystals I had at home.  You can pick them up in small quantities along with a tool at most fabric and craft shops.  If you prefer to buy in bulk I use for a lot of mine.  They are MUCH cheaper this way, and you can never have enough sparkle.

There was also a matching bib so she wouldn't stain the dress.

I like to shop at Kohls.  One thing I like is a lot of times they have nice Children's Books with stuffed animals to go with them for about $5-$6 for each item.  When they had the Eric Carle books, I picked up The Hungry Caterpillar to give as a gift.  I kept forgetting to send it, so I used it for her birthday.  Again, here is a case where a toy prompted a coordinating outfit.  I bought a short set with a plain top from Walmart, and used a Designs by Juju design, making some color changes  and reorganizing the stitch out to make it go faster for one color.

 There was also the Hungry Caterpillar clip to go with it that was detailed here.

 Then there was also the Birthday bib.  Nothing much, but here it is.  Design was from Planet Applique

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