Monday, October 24, 2011

A UFO was finished and sent on

I have a ton of UFO's.  Well maybe not literally, but more than I want to count, list or admit to.  I do dig through them periodically and try to get rid of some of them, but many I just can't because they would be nice IF I would just finish them.

I found this one recently.  It was a smocked yoke for a Childrens Corner Mary De.  I'm guessing it was 4-5 years old.  I started it for my great niece at one time, and never constructed it.  I'm guessing it was supposed to be for valentine's day one year, as it is very pink, and has heart lollipops on it.  Since it was fully smocked, it only needed the construction.  Should be simple, right?  Wrong.  My plan was to finish it and send it on in the box with the other stuff for my nephew and niece.  I did accomplish it, but not without some quality bonding time with my seam ripper.

I have made many Mary De's since I started smocking.  So many, that I used to be able to make them in my sleep.  Not this time.  I had to read the directions, step by step, and I found the turning directions confusing.  Hopefully I will remember better the next time, as I really like this pattern, and need to find some willing recipients for them.

I also had piping issues.  Well, I always have piping issues.  When I had my Pfaff 7570 I could do great piping.  I guess the foot was just right for me.  I have had my Babylock for about 8 years, and have never really been able to master piping on it.  I can do it ok, but not great.  I have taken classes, and we go over how to do it, the teacher makes suggestions on the foot, and I get better results.  Then 3 months down the line, I try it again, and can't remember the suggestions, and can't find my notes which I put somewhere for safe keeping.  Add to that, by the time I started on this one, I was out of my 'good' piping cord, and hadn't received some new stuff to try.  The stuff I ended up using was a tad smaller, and a lot softer.  I don't like 'soft' piping cord.  I find it can get smushed and then I end up stitching through it or something and don't end up with nice round piping.

Anyone know how to make good piping on a Babylock Ellageo 3?  I saw that Babylock has a mini-piping foot.  I might try that.  Anyone want to get it for me for Christmas?

Well here is the dress.  As you can see from some of the things I do, even when smocking, I don't always use the traditional pale colors and fabrics.  Axelgirl always preferred brighter fabrics and colors, as do I, so I still tend to do a lot of that.  I also hope these things get used regularly, for play, and not just for special occasions.  I think that if you stick to the traditional paler colors, people are less likely to think of them as play clothes.  While for most things I don't sew to save money (skating clothing, and a few other sports  items are the exception), many times I can make a nice dress for play cheaper than you'd spend at Penneys or Sears for a decent play outfit.

 Full view of the dress

Smocking Close up.  I'm thinking the design might be based on True Colors from ASE.  It has been so long since I smocked it, I can't be for sure.

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