Sunday, January 13, 2013

I have done some sewing...

but no pictures yet.

Mini Axelgirls present is done, but I can't post pictures, as she will receive it today.  

I have also finished my portion of the guard flags.  Can't show pictures until the show has been debuted.  That will be at Willard High School in 2 weeks.  I can say, the outfits he ordered are great, and I think the flags will go with it well.  The team has been working hard to compete in Scholastic Open this year, and I can't wait to see how they do.

One other thing I worked on that wasn't on the list, was I had to finish hemming two dresses I made for a friend, for her daughters who were in a Drum and Fife unit, and they need to dress 'period' when they go on trips.  They were Christmas presents, but I didn't want to hem them until the girls had tried them on.  We put growth tucks in them so they will last a while.  I have pictures and will do a post on that shortly.

For this week, my top 5 are:

  1. Mini Axelgirl's new practice skating dress, this is top priority, as it is a fitting for her competition dress her mom just asked me to make her.
  2. Competition dress for Mini Axelgirl.  We are meeting to discuss the dress today, the competition date is February 10.
  3. Guard bags.  Somehow this slipped my top 5 last week.  Each season, I make drawstring bags for the guard to go with their theme.  No more info on those until they are done.  Need to surprise the girls.  :)
  4. Clothing Protectors for students at school.
  5. Hat and Skirt for Axelgirl
Axelgirl has also bought some coordinating fleece to go with her snuggie.  She wants pj pants, a pillow, and I am not sure what else.  She is supposed to be involved in the creation of that, so when she wants to sew, we will.

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