Monday, January 14, 2013

Practice Dress for Mini-Axelgirl

As all 6 year olds do, Mini Axelgirl is growing quickly.  She hasn't had a new practice dress in over a year, and hers has gotten rather small.

So today, I made her a new one.  We had ordered the fabric before Christmas, and it was just today that I got to it.  I too k design direction from Axelgirl, and then found the Skate Rhinestud applique in a drawer.  It was probably purchased 5-7 years ago, and had never been used.  It feels good to use things up.

Pattern is loosely based on KwikSew 2178.  This is the one I generally use for fit, and then modify the skirt line, and add a full circle skirt.  In this case I also shortened the sleeve a bit, and added a cuff to match the skirt to pull it together.

I give very low ratings to the skate applique.  I don't know if it was age, putting it on velvet, or just bad, but not all of the studs stuck so I had to use E6000 glue. Not my favorite on a good day, but trying to line it all up was a challenge, and it is not right at all.

Fabric is from  TDV374  Tye dye crushed velvet and  and hot pink stretch velvet.

Front of skate dress

 Back of skate dress

Skate rhinestud iron on design  You can see where some slip as being ironed, or had to be glued on

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