Sunday, January 20, 2013

This weeks progress

I actually finished 2 projects on my list this week. 

The first was a practice dress for Mini Axelgirl I posted on Monday.  

Next was 18 drawstring backpacks for Francis Howell North Winter Guard.  They have their first contest next Saturday, so I wanted to make sure they had them in time.  I will post more detailed pictures later this week.

The bags go with the theme/colors/design of their show.  I don't want to give away anymore information about the show until they make their debut  :) There are 15 members in the unit, and 3 coaches, so they each have a bag.

These pictures aren't that great.  I will post more construction details later this week.

My top 5 for this week are
  1. Competition dress for Mini Axelgirl.  We have determined the fabrics and design (I had all the 'right' fabrics in my sewing room, so no need to buy anything.  I just need to get with them to see how the practice dress fits.
  2. Clothing protectors for students at school
  3. Hat and skirt for Axelgirl
  4. New practice pants for Axelgirl.  Need to take new measurements, as the pants she is using are about 3 years old.
  5. PJ pants for Axelgirl.  She has some fleece to coordinate with a snuggie she made, I bought some Rapunzel fabric, and some bunny fabric a while back.  I am grouping all of these together, as pj pants are quick and easy.
There are several things I should work on first.  Primarily Christmas decorations need to come down.  We also got our treadmill yesterday, and I need to rearrange the basement to make things a little better.  Once I get those done, there is an aquarium I want to buy, and set up in the living room.  I will need to find a table, and move some things around, along with modifying the aquarium to house multiple bettas.

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