Friday, February 8, 2013

Christmas Presents-Doll Clothes

Mini Axel Girl was given her Christmas present back in January from Axelgirl.  Axelgirl designed the gift, and from the reaction we saw when she got it, I think it was a hit.  I think Axelgirl has some pictures from then on her phone, but I don't have access to them

Axelgirl decided on a medical theme.  For whatever reason, there are no patterns available from the pattern companies for Scrubs, Dr./Lab Coats, or Hospital Gowns.  I did find a tutorial on line to help with the scrubs, and used that as a jumping off point.  Here is the link for the accessories.

We also found a doll sized stethescope on ebay to add to the collection.  She already had the set with the cast and crutches and a wheelchair so now the dolls will be well taken care of if they get injured.

I am not listing pattern numbers as they may not be available anymore.  I will mention the modifications I made but they were just sort of figured out as I went.

All fabrics are from the Joanns cotton wall.

2 Hospital gowns:   I started with a basic shirt pattern with a crew neck that velcroed up the back.  I added sleeves to make it seamless by extending the shoulder seam out, and then slightly below the armhole extending the sleeve out from there.  This was done on the front and the back.  A bit was added to the center back as well.  The shoulder seams and side seams were stitched then the sleeves and bottom hemmed.  The neck was finished with narrow double fold bias tape, and back ties added in the middle.  At the middle pack "Property of XXX" Hospital was written with a fine tip permanent marker.

 Then there were 3 sets of scrubs.   Fabric was chosen so that the tops and bottoms could be interchanged.  We had to do fun colors, no boring blue scrubs.  Paw prints were chosen for one set, as it could work for a Vet as well.  Accessories were made from the above link.  I may have made a few changes to the mask, but don't remember the details.  Pants were an elastic waist pant, I put a bow on the front, to help identify the front from the back.  I have found many of them come too high on the waist and it needs to be lowered.  I didn't get a good picture of the top, but I used a basic crew neck top and lowered the neckline, and added a V-neck.  that was then finished with a strip of double folded fabric.

This was the Dr.'s set.  Not sure what happened to the picture of the lab coat.  I will see if Axelgirl has one.  I used a button front blouse pattern and lengthened it to about mid-knee.  It was wide enough at the hip that I didn't have to make any adjustments.  I constructed to the directions leaving slits in the sides.  Using the built in letters I added the name "Dr. Lastname" to the labcoat in Pink.  For buttons snaps were sewn on with pink heart buttons over those.  
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  1. Love these!! What a great idea!

  2. What a fabulous gift set:) I'm glad you had so much fun with the patterns.