Thursday, February 7, 2013

Every girl loves a twirly skirt

A little later than every week, but I am posting an update.  I just finished the competition dress for MiniAxelgirl and delivered it yesterday.  It is basically KwikSew 2733 with some color blocking on top.

The fabrics are animal print holograms and a mesh for the underskirt.  Both fabrics were purchased from but are also available from  There were fabrics picked out from my sewing room, but based on input from her coach, we made some changes.  The original fabrics picked are set aside for another practice dress.  Just need to figure out the design.

MiniAxelgirl wasn't home when we delivered it, so her mom had to send me pictures to show the fit.

On hanger.  The dress is straight, just hanging on the hanger crooked.

I think her smile says it all.

Every girl loves a twirly skirt!!

My next top 5 are:
  1. Idea is still forming-I am responsible for the Judges Hospitality room at the Winter Guard Contest hosted by our school, Art in Motion.  My mom is helping me with this, and we are thinking of making centerpieces for the tables and having mini-flags as part of them.  Still need to work out some details.
  2. Clothing protectors for students at school
  3. Hat and Skirt for Axelgirl
  4. New practice pants for Axelgirl.  Need to take new measurements as the pants she is using are about 3 years old.
  5. PJ pants for Axelgirl.  She has some fleece to coordinate with a snuggie she made.  I bought some Rapunzel fabric, and some bunny fabric a while back.  I am grouping all of these together as one project. as pj pants are quick and easy.  Again, I need to get some updated measurements to get started.

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