Sunday, March 31, 2013

I need to keep up on posting.  I'm trying to think what I have been working on.  I should post pictures later this week.  Laundry needs to be done first.

  • I did ME on two white aprons purchased from Sams, one was a cupcake from Designs by Juju, the other was 3 'Peep' shaped bunnies, that I did in Pink, Lime and Orange Microcheck. Used them this weekend, so will post pics after laundry is done.  I'd been wanting some aprons for a while and never got around to making them, so this seemed to work.
  • I made 18 tissue holders for the guard to go with their drawstring backpacks.  These were put in their goody bags from the parents at the Cincinatti Region.  (2nd place of 8 in Scholastic Open.  Great job done by all)  I used this tutorial but added a ribbon loop with key ring on one side.  Rather than cutting the peices to length ahead of time, since I had so many, I used the full 44" width, and then rotary cut to width after assembling long strips
  • Made myself an Easter Dress.  This was decided last night, and I some how pulled it off, including a trip to Joanns.  Overall, for the first time sewing for me in about a year, I am fairly pleased with it, but have a long way to go.  I really need to loose weight.  Again, pictures after laundry is done.
  • I have been working on Make a Ladybug Wish by Frances Messina Jones, it has been a UFO for years.  I am making progress and hope to finish soon.
  • I bought a new tablecloth at Target for Easter, but they didn't have any matching napkins.  I bought a coordinating tablecloth, and cut it up for napkins, serging the edges.  It was probably cheaper than buying napkins anyway.

Update on my top 5-there wil be a new top 5 at the bottom, based on the fact that things have changed, and I haven't been following it.
  1. Prom dress-We ended up buying a prom dress.  We have a place run by charity here called Cinderella Project.  People donate used dresses,  Girls can be referred and get a dress for free, and it is open to the public.  All long dresses are $40.  We came home with two dresses. She has decided on the black one.  She wants more crystals added, and straps.

2. Clothing protectors-still need to be done
3.  Hat and skirt for Axelgirl not done, was winter fabric, so will hold off
4.  Practice pants, still needs a pair, but lower priority
5.  Smock Something-working on Make a Ladybug Wish
6. Started on some Wee Care, doing some Shadow Embroidery.  I had a cortisone shot last weekend in my knee, and had a reaction which made it practically impossible to walk, so for a day and a half, that is what I did, inbetween ice and tylenol.

New top list.  Going to go with 10 this time, and try and work my way down to 5 in the month of April.

    1.  Next Sunday she is testing the Silver Tango.  This is the last of her USFS Silver Dances.  I have bought her a new dress, but need to bling it. Here are pictures of the dress.  I have to say, it is not the best pictures of Axelgirl.     I am adding Siam and AB crystals to the bodice and then to the red insert in the skirt.  Because it is a crazy week, I should be working on it now, but here I am

    2.  Prom is April 20.  I have some stuff to do for two other girls.  First is hem a hot pink dress.  It looks as if they just serged the first hems, so once I find the right color thread, and cut it off, it should be quick and easy.
    3.  Next is a coral color dress, needing straps, and possibly more bling.  I will know more after I talk to them and see the dress Tuesday
    4.  Axelgirls prom dress needs straps and bling.  We still need to make some decisions regarding exact details.  I hope to pin her down on a college trip to UCM tomorrow.
    5.  Keep smocking on Make a Ladybug Wish, and turn it into a garment.  I think it was for my niece who is now in 5th grade.  Need to figure out who and what size to make it.
    6.  Work on Wee Care, my goal was one a month, so I am a little behind  :), so hopefully finish 2 in the month of April.  My goal is 24 for the SAGA Convention in 2014
    7.  Clothing protectors for students
    8.  Summer dress for Axelgirl.  We purchased several patterns last year, so I need to just do it.  There was a strapless sundress out of a dotted sundress she liked, so I may do that.  I need to find the polycotton stuff on line.
    9.  Shirt for me.  My wardrobe is severly lacking in summer shirts, and I have patterns and fabric.
    10.   New nightgown for me.  Mine are getting a bit ragged.  I have fabric and several patterns.  May end up smocking one.

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