Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Once again behind on updates

While I love Winter Guard, in some ways I will be glad when April 13 rolls around, and we have some time on the weekends back in our lives.  Between that and now working full time since August my spare time is minimal.

I will be on Spring Break starting Friday for two weeks.  I hope to get pictures posted then.  I need to see if there is an easier way to get pictures off of my Iphone to my computer without emailing them to myself.

In the last month, I have completed 3 things I think.  Two were on my top five, and one was a last minute decision.

Completed were the centerpeices for the Hospitality Room.  I mad mini color guard flags and placed them in vases ont he different tables.

3 pairs pj pants were completed. Rapunzel, Bunny Rabbit, and some black fleece with flourescent color monsters.  These were all for Axelgirl.

3 sets of bibs/burp rags.  Axelgirls skating coach is about to become an aunt, and I found a cute "Don't make me call my Aunt" embroidery design and it went from there.  What was going to be only one set became 3.  Pink Black cheetah print fabric for applique, and pink/black zebra print ribbon.  All were done in the same fabric/colors and I also did a high heel shoe, and a pair of figure skates (of course)

My next top 5 are:

  1. Prom Dress-still in the final design stages.   This will need to be done on Spring Break.  Right now Burda 8321 is the top pattern right now.  I will need to make some changes, as the underskirt is seperate with an elastic waist, and I don't like that.
  2. Clothing protectors for students at school
  3. Hat and Skirt for Axelgirl
  4.  Right now, I'm leaving practice pants on the list.  We did buy a new pair, but once guard season is over, she will probably be skating more.
  5. Smock something.  I don't care what, just something.   Need to see if my 2 yo niece needs an Easter Dress.

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