Monday, May 6, 2013

Clothing Protectors

Currently I am working as a para at Francis Howell North.  During meals, and at other times during the day, some of the students I work with have a need for clothing protectors.  I have been planning on working on these all year, but just nver got around to it.  Honestly, that was silly, because it only took a few hours to do all eight of them, and the sewing is very basic.

Finding something 'age appropriate' can be a challenge for a teenager. Lets face it an Elmo bib is an Elmo bib even if it is turned inside out, you can still see the printing through it.  A diaper to wipe drool off the face is still a diaper.    Many things available for older adults are not age appropriate as well.

I was fortunate that some of my co-workers gave me some of their old shirts, and that the office also had some they were giving away at the beginning of the year.

At the beginning of the school year, I cut up one of Axelgirls old tshirts and serged it onto a prefolded diaper.  This could then be placed on the students chest, pratically covering it, almost giving the appearance of a shirt.  I made 5 of these, and made 3 in bib style, placing the diaper horizontally across the chest of the bib, cutting the sleeves and part of the front and back off.  I am curious to see how these will work.

The burp-rag style ones are just serged around the edges to the diaper.  I cut the shirt to size using the backing as a guide.

For the bib style, the shirt is cut to width removing the arms and sides.  The length is also trimmed shorter, and along the back is left at a few inches.  The neckline remains intact for the ability to pull on and off.  I then serged around the edges of the rectangle, putting the backing fabric in place horizontally.  (serging along the short edges).  The long edges were then stitched down wit a zig-zag stitch.

These aren't anything fancy, but I am trying to keep track of what I am actually accomplishing this year.  Have a great day.

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