Thursday, May 30, 2013

For me :)

Life has been out of control the last few weeks, and probably will continue to be so for a while.  Nothing major, just end of year activities, etc.  Next week is knee surgery, so I have been getting ready for that as well.  I have moved a bunch of stuff to the living room, so I can do hand work to keep myself occupied while on crutches.

What I have upstairs to work on:

  1. yarn, crochet hooks, and books.  Trying to learn to crochet the right way, and have been making dishcloths.  Lots of errors on those
  2. Wee care, over a half dozen gowns needing either smocking or embroidery
  3. 3-6mth bishops to be smocked
  4. Several Wendy Schoen embroidery books
  5. 2 inserts to smock
  6. Another nightgown for me to smock

Last weekend, I finished the Primrose Lane Victorian Dreams nightgown for me (with lots of modifications)

I will say, the sizing seems generous.  I went with my RTW size in tops.  I wasn't worried about the fit in the hip, since I knew there was plenty of fullness.  I really think I could have gone down another size as well.  I also don't care for the amount of fullness in it.  While it is pretty and flowy, it gets in my way.  I am starting another one, and will go down a size, and only use 44" width for both pieces as well.  I will add TOG interfacing to bulk up the pleats, and smock a smaller center section to compensate.

I made it from some silk I picked up in Tucson last year.  I am thinking it was at SAS Fabrics by the pound. I can't find a website for them, but it was definitely warehouse style.  I picked up several pieces of silk there, along with a few other things.  I'm not sure what 'type' of silk it was, but it is about a lawn weight, and really soft and drapey.  It was a little hard to work with, but it feels really nice.  Because it was hard to work with, no close ups of some of the seams and the piping  :)  It is a really pretty coral color.

Honestly, I did not follow the construction directions, so I can't comment on them.  Everything except the piping and armhole bias are done on the serger.  The next one I will do the same.  I have some lawn picked out for the next one.  I found the silk very difficult to do the piping with, both hard to make, and hard to stitch to the garment.

Here are some pictures

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