Monday, June 10, 2013


Several days ago, I had arthroscopic surgery for what was supposedly a torn meniscus.  Once he got in there, he found out the meniscus tear was very small, but the arthritis behind the kneecap was worse than expected so he cleaned that up.  I had my follow up today, and the current plan is to begin Physical Therapy this week, two to three times a week for the next four weeks.  I also have the goal of being off of the crutches by the end of the week.

Prior to the surgery I looked on line for various tips and such on how to use crutches.  It was a way to see what I could do to make things easier.  One of the things I came across was extra padding on the armpits and handles, and a way to carry things.  Below is what I came up with including a matching Ice Pack.  There are 7 peices total.  2 crutch pads, 2 hand grips, a water bottle container, and a zippered pouch with two zippered compartments and a section for a phone or other small things, and of course the matching ice pack cover.  Honestly, I didn't consider these to be that big of a deal or impressive, but at the hospital, and the today, different nurses kept coming in to look at them, and were impressed, even suggesting I sell them.

Picure of both crutches with accessories attached.  Crutch on left has the water bottle holder, sized to fit my Camelbak water bottle.  On the right would be the 'wallet' pocket with 2 zippered pockets and open on the top to hold a cell phone or other small items (ibuprofen, pain medication, etc).  Both pockets tie on for ease of putting on and removing.   Hand grips are reversable with velcro.  Fabric is a bumpy minkee type fabric, and remnants of a quilting weight cotton I used to make Axelgirl a skirt years ago. 

Close up of wallet pouch.  Back side is plush fabric, rest is done with the cotton.  I wish I would have lined with the plush as I think the phone would slide in and out easier.  Pockets are sized to hold $$, DL, credit cards etc.

Water bottle holder closeup.  It is lined with insulating fabric.  I just sort of improvised, and it turned out really well.  It is nice to be able to move my water bottle with me and fill it myself instead of waiting for my help.

Crutch pads-Again I just sort of improvised in making of these.  I used the same construction techniques I used to make skating soakers.  They are lined with 4 layers of quilt batting to add extra padding.  After making them, I inserted 3/8 elastic through the casing, and once tight enough around, just tied the ends together in a knot.

Reversable hand grip covers attach with velcro.

Ice pack cover.  I had some leftover fabric, and one of our icepacks did not have a cover.  I liked one we had that had elastic around it to secure it around the body part.  This cover is based on that idea.

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  1. These are great, thanks for sharing.