Monday, June 3, 2013

Skating Pants Done (one pair at least)

Tonight, after we got back from a Campus Visit at Purdue University (not impressed), I decided I needed to get one pair of skating pants made.  I had drafted the pattern the other night, and just needed to get them made.

I spent about $45.00 for 4 yards of fabric.  I should be able to get at least 3 pairs out of this for Axelgirl, and maybe a pair or two for Mini-Axelgirl if she wants or needs them.  Chloe Noel pants run $50-$60 a pair.  Of course, mine don't have the cool spiral down the leg, but oh well.  I just wish I could find the fabric they use.  Since this was a new size, and I had just redrafted the pattern, I only made one pair.  She will skate in them tomorrow, and we will tweak it from there, then make another pair.

Fabric is High Performance Lycra in black from Hancock Fabrics.  Pink trim is leftover from a project several years ago, so I consider it 'free'.  This will probably be the case for any of the pants I make.  The only other cost is thread and 1" elastic, so I think it is worth it to make them, considering they take less than an hour.

After asking on a sewing group on FB, I have decided to try smocking the nightgown with 4 strands of white, then add the roses. I will try a row or two and see how that looks.

I have also made some progress on the blouse for the Mary De.  Not sure how I will let the hem out.  I need to see if I have any fabric left to add tucks on the skirt.  That or make a pair of bloomers out of the blouse fabric.

My next top 5 are:
(these are temporary, and may change.  I can sew through Wednesday, then I am having knee surgery.  It will be at least a week before I can get back downstairs, so things may change.  Then there is also the issue of guard flags._

  1. Smocked nightgown for me
  2. Doll dress to coordinate with Ladybug dress
  3. Summer dress for Axelgirl, out of white dotted swiss.  I would love to have this done before she goes to engineering camp.
  4. Summer shirt for me
  5. MaryDe and blouse for niece


  1. The fabric that I use to make skating pants is called polar tec power stretch. It is very close to the Chloe pants. I buy it from Mill direct textiles on line. It's about $25.00 per yard if you buy it by the yard. I usually go to their "seconds" section and I grab a roll (usually 10-15 yards) and it's just under $10.00 per yard. Because the roll is considered second quality their might be a random hole or snag in the fabric but in the 5 years that I have purchased from them I've only come across two holes and they were easy to cut around without wasting any fabric.

  2. Becky-Thanks for the information. I will look into it the next time I need fabric. Since Axelgirl is a Senior in HS next year, I don't know how many more pairs I will need to be making. I know we do not have a place locally to buy the Power Tec. Our choices are very limited.