Sunday, June 16, 2013

Week on Crutches Productivity

I figured I would give a detail of what I accomplished during my week on crutches.  In other words, I have tried to stay parked on the couch, and just stitch.  My productivity went down as the week went on, as on Tuesday, I was supposed to stop using the crutches in the house, and moving around a bit.  I was getting fidgety, and had to go several places anyway which took up time, and I was trying to do some household chores. Friday, I braved out into Joanns, as Axelgirl had a birthday party to go to, and needed a gift.  I then made it into the sewing room to make the blanket (serge edges and embroider name).   I still am not released for driving, hopefully tomorrow or Wednesday.  I did more in the basement today, and will post that later

Thursday and Friday-Smocked dress with 5 Princesses on it.

Friday and Saturday-Several attempts to smock nightgown.  Haven't decided if I should rip it out or not.  I wasn't liking it earlier in the week, but looking at it later it doesn't look too bad.  I intend on putting bullions in the large diamonds.

Saturday, smocked 2 wee care gowns

Saturday and Sunday backsmocked insert for Carries Cupcakes

Sunday and Monday  Smocked Carries Cupcakes with lots of redoing parts.

Off and on Thursday through Monday-Smocking on 6 month bishop, and decided I didn't like the way it looked.  Ripping it out.  I should know better than to smock without a design in mind, and try to make up my own.  It hasn't worked out well lately.  This is looking better than I thought it did as well.  I will take some time to think on it

Tuesday, repleated 5 wee care, broke most of my pleater needles, stitched a wee care

Wednesday, stitched a wee care, did some back smocking

Thursday-started stitching a wee care, need to add the rest of the bullions.

Friday, did a giraffe print blanket for Axelgirl's friend for a birthday gift

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