Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Congratulations Jessi and Steven

My oldest neice is getting married today.  It is hard to believe she is old enough to do so.  I remember making little dresses for her when she was young.  Back when the Daisy Kingdom dresses were so popular in the pattern books.  One dress I made for her actually used more fabric than I used for dresses for me.

Her fiance has just returned from Afghanastan. They have been engaged for almost two years, but never set a date.  Once he returned, they decided it was time.  That gave my sister a month to pull off the wedding.

I offered to make the ring bearer pillow, and had some things in mind.  But, after consulting with her and pinterest, we went in a different direction. We chose this design from Sweet Peas Place  I had never ordered from her, but was quite pleased with the stitchout.  Given the detail of the design, I believe she did her best to minimize the number of jump stitches.  The names and date were added using a built in font in Palette 5.  She chose linen fabric.  Luckily I had some nice white linen I had purchased from Carol Ahles or Lynn Weeks at a convention.

Stitching out

Sample stitchout.  It could have been the final stitchout, if I had used a different stabilizer.  There was no way to remove the stabilizer so it didn't show through.  On the final stitchout, I ended up using several layers of solvy then rinsing it really well.

Final pillow.  Ribbon is from Joanns and just tacked on so it can be removed if they want to use the pillow in their house.  I added snaps to the ribbons to hold the rings in place since they are planning on using their rings.  I did forget to add the band to the back for the ring bearers hands, so here is hoping for no problems from him, or flying pillows.

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  1. Beautiful!! I love the design and the snap idea is great!