Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Draw String Bag Tutorial

Since Alyssa joined guard last year, we have been gifting the guard and coaches with drawstring backpacks to match the theme for the season.  The in process pictures are from my third set, the picture at the end is from the set I just finished.  I forgot to take in process pictures.  I had 17 bags to do for fall of 2013.  Typically I have done between 15 and 18.  The bags have gotten a lot of use by all of the girls. Last season I wish I would have had a camera to take a picture of the girls attacking the box looking for theirs the day I brought it out.  Axelgirl will be giving the bags to the girls on Tuesday night.

For fabric, I recommend a 100% cotton.  In the in-process pictures the marble was from equilter, and the black and purple  is Kona Cotton. The marble fabric was good quality, but a little thinner than the Kona but they seemed to hold up ok.  For the drawstring, I have found the 15 lb cotton rope sold for clothes line at Walmart is cheap and works well.  Eyelets are 3/8" ones sold in fabric and craft stores.  Interfacing/reinforcement is something I had, I think it was a craft interfacing.  It is fairly thick, stiff, and fusible.

I prefer to use a serger for the majority of construction.  It adds strength to the seams and finishes the edges at the same time.  If a standard machine is used, stitch the first seam, and then stitch a second seam 1/8" toward the raw edge for reinforcement

Main Fabric:  30" X 14" if directional fabric the 14" is the width
Accent 1:     5" X 27.5"
Accent 2/Top:  2 pcs 10" X 14"
Drawstring: 2 pcs 6 feet each
Interfacing/Reinforcements for eyelet: 2 pcs 2"X2"  I use some super thick interfacing                                          

Cutting Fabric: (Fabric was not pre-washed)  I was too lazy to iron that much. Cut following pieces to dimensions above.  If making bag for a smaller child, measurements may be adjusted.  These were made for high school girls.
Cut 1 piece main fabric 
Cut 1 piece Accent 1
Cut 2 pieces Accent 2
Cut 2 pieces Interfacing/Reinforcement 2"X2"
Cut 2 pieces Rope (wrap scotch tape around rope and cut in middle of tape, do not remove)

Preparing Main Section  All seams are 3/8" unless otherwise stated

With right sides together, stitch side seams
If using fusible interfacing, fuse to bag corners inside seam allowance

Turn bags right side out and press

  If using non fusible interfacing place in bag corner now.  Stitch a diagonal line from inside lower corner to outside upper corner on right side of bag per picture

Following package directions apply 2 eyelets to bottom of bag through interfacing underneath stitching

 Preparing accent 1
  • With right sides together stitch seam along short side
  • Fold piece in half, raw edges of long edge together, and press. 

Place Accent 1 over Main section, aligning and pinning raw edges.  Baste in place 1/4" from edge, remove pins

Preparing Top/Accent 2

Serge both short edges of both peices
  • Press under 3/8" on serged edges
  • Fold both pieces in half hot dog style (long edges together)
  • Mark 1" on either side of fold on short edges, stitch serged edge down between these two marks. (This is where the opening will be for the drawstring)
  • Stitch edges down between these two markings
Adding embroidery or embellishment to Top/Accent 2 (optional)
  • Instructions are for centering embroidered names.  You may have a better way for you
  • On one piece fold one long edge up to folded edge and press well
  • Fold same piece in half hamburger style (short edges together) and press well.
  • Using the two just pressed markings position in embroidery hoop
  • Program machine, adjust to stitch approx 3/16" towards the fold along top.  (make sure stitching is oriented properly)
  • Stitch out design
Finishing Top/Accent 2
  • Open up Top pieces and place on top of each other right sides together
  • Stitch in the folds on short sides (4 seams total), up to the stitched down section.
  • Fold up and press 
  • Stitch casing 1" from folded edge, this will be casing

Place top over main section, right sides together and pin edges

  • Stitch 1/2" seam all the way around
  • Flip top up and press
  • Using a safety pin, thread rope through top casing.  Start on one side of the bag and come back on same side.  Take rope from front and thread through eyelet to back, tying overhand not in back with both ends.  Repeat for other rope, starting on opposite side.
Last Winter Guard Season Bag

Bags for this season, without drawstring, eyelets, or final pressing.

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