Saturday, July 6, 2013

Happy 3rd Birthday Corri!

I have been sewing, but haven't posted.  I will try and catch up over the next few days.

The majority of the projects have been for my nieces third birthday.  We were not able to be with her this year, as she lives in Tucson, and they didn't travel in, and we didn't go there this time.

I have already posted about the green dress smocked with Make a Ladybug Wish here.   So she needed a matching coordinating doll dress.

 Doll dress is from a modified Big 3 pattern, not sure which one, where I made the armholes smaller.  It is out of the same fabric, even though the greens look different.  Embroidery design is from Designs by Juju with the flower cut off and rotated.

Next was another coordinating outfit for her and her doll.  Smocking is the Carries Cupcakes shown here. I did add bead sprinkles to the cupcakes. The pattern was originally supposed to be a Primrose Lane Miranda but that pattern and the original fabric I purchased disappeared while I was on pain medication.  Hopefully it will show up one day soon.  I ended up using the Martha Pullen Applique Jumper making the top bodice about 2 inches longer than the armhole at the bottom of the insert.  I then added three flounces of the equal width.  I determined the width by finding the remaining length of the jumper dividing by 3, and adding seam allowances.  I cut the first strip about 1.5 times the width of the bottom of the bodice, then added the rest of the strips using my gathering foot on the serger.  I lined it to the bottom of the smocking rather than the full lining of the jumper.  This should make it cooler as well for the Arizona heat.
 Here is a better shot of the fabric.  It is from Joanns in their cotton section.  Bodice again is the same one as above.  The skirt is 2 tiers gathered to the bodice.

Last but not least is a Mary De I made last year, but was waiting for a blouse to wear under it.  It is smocked with Mice to See You, in Navy Imperial Broadcloth.  The piping is probably made from a Joanns Broadcloth to get the bright color.  Blouse is Mary De Blouse with a CC Carol Sleeve from an aged piece of Fabric Finders Pique.  I did let out the hem from last year and lengthen the blouse

She also received a pair of pink sparkly shoes, and a coloring book with a box of Crayola Glitter Crayons.  I am hoping we get to see pictures of her in the outfits.  Even if we don't I enjoyed making them.

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