Thursday, July 11, 2013

"Shower Gift" for my neice

As I mentioned in yesterdays post my neice just got married.  Because of his military service, they threw the wedding together rather quickly in one month, so there was not any time for the usual showers, etc.

Being the wonderful aunt I am, I decided she still needed a shower gift.  Here is what I sent her, and a picture of her with it.  Nothing fancy, but still fun.  I purchased 3 blank kitchen towels from Walmart and embroidered them, along with an apron.  The apron says 'kiss the cook'.  I added in some spatulas that coordinated with the embroidered items, and a cookbook on cooking for two.  The cookbook includes entrees, sides and desserts, so that you don't end up with a bunch of leftovers from any of them.  It looks rather useful.

 Embroidery designs are from Designs by Juju, towels and spatulas are from Target, Apron is from a 3 pack at Sams.  Here is a link to the cookbook Cooking for Two

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