Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Skating Dress-From Concept to Final Product

Coaches have great ideas for costumes.  They really do.   Most of the time, the challenge is taking their concept, from a non-sewing mind, and making it into something workable. They see a design they like on a manufacturers web page, and want to change it just a bit, here, here, and there.  Problem is, manufacturers have access to fabric, tools, and professional slopers that I don't have.

Axelgirl competed in what may have been her last competition this summer.  She is a Senior in High School, and between guard, honors and AP classes, there isn't any time.  Coach and I wanted her to have a fantastic dress.  Here is what we started with, and what we ended up with :)

First Coach sent me some links of dresses she liked.  From there, I used some line drawings of bodies and sketched out a few ideas.  Here were the some of the original drawings and modifications.

Next I drew up pattern revision one, and made the front bodice.  Even pinned to my dress form which is too big, you can see that the original mesh insert was too low.  Marked it up with a sharpie, then made a new pattern.  Axelgirl was at camp this week so I was texting her pictures and progress as well.

 Below is the revised bodice on the dress form.  Modest enough.  I would have liked to find a way to bring the V lower without revealing too much, but wasn't sure where to draw the line.

Constructed dress on Axelgirl

 Next the process of stoning the dress begins.

And the final dress on Axelgirl

My current top 5 to work on are:
  1. Silk shirt for me
  2. Another pair of pjs for DH
  3. Lanyard for me for fall for work
  4. Twirly dress for Mini Axelgirl
  5. Robe for Axelgirl

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