Tuesday, December 31, 2013

First set of flags are done!

The first set of flags are done!  This is my big accomplishment this week.  There were 8 flags in this set, all of the same design, but with 4 different background colors. These are made from poly china silk/lining material. They involved appliqueing a large design onto the background, trimming the background away underneath, and fray checking.  Lots of little issues with this one.  I can't share pictures just yet, but will share this one.  To reward myself for completion I ordered the 4" and 5" Gingher Julia scissors to go with the 8"  ones I received for Christmas.  Here is a peek at the flags, boxed up and ready to go.  I need to pick up the basement and start on the next set which is 14 flags.

This week I also finished my Wendy Schoen Le Jardin Sewing Box.  I decided not to put it into a Sewing Box, but have sent it off to be framed.  This was a class I took with Spirit of St. Louis Smockers, several years ago.  Not sure how long ago it was.  I realized after I sent it off, I made some mistakes on threads on the center section.

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