Friday, December 20, 2013

One of these things is not like the other.........

Below are pictures of part of Mini-Axelgirls Christmas present.  They are all skating clothes for her American Girl Dolls.  But one is different, can you guess which one and why? We will be playing this game with her when she gets the gift. I'll tell you the answer at the bottom.

I have misplaced the patterns I have drafted for skating clothes for AG dolls.  This really frustrated me.  This meant I had to start over, so each dress has a little tweak or two to get a better fit/look.  Don't know what took me so long to think about putting Velcro in the back of these.  In all the ones I have done in the past, I have never done this, and it makes them a lot easier to put them on.

To draft the basic pattern, I traced 3 different patterns onto my tracing paper, each with a different color sharpie.  One was Kwik Sew, a Butterick, and a Simplicity.  The KS one on its own might have worked, but it was an empire waist and I wanted the lower, on the hip skirt.  The skirt had to be drafted from scratch.  It is a full circle, a little longer in back.  This was done by starting with the panty pieces, slitting them, spreading them, then adding the lines around it.

Color blocked dress (front only) with lavender/orchid lycra and silver on white hologram.  This hologram is really nice, as it reflects a lot of colors.  Lower scoop neck in back.

Ariel skating dress.  Mid section is nude mesh.

Basic skating dress.  Hot pink velvet bodice and panties with tie die velvet skirt.

Black lycra practice pants with hot pink with silver hologram bottom and waist trim

 Rapunzel skating dress.  This one was probably the most challenging of the 6 to do.  Skirt is two layer, bottom one a pink glistenette, top a dark purple glitter velvet.  Sleeves were the biggest challenge.  The velvet is pretty thick and hard to gather tightly.  all ribbon was sewn on before construction.  Next time, I would gather the sleeve ruffles a bit more.
 Green and blue skating dress with handkerchief skirt.  Bottom layer is royal mesh.

So were you able to guess which one was different?  If you guessed the first one you are correct.  The other 5 are duplicates of skating outfits I have made for Mini-Axelgirl.  The top one I have not made for her, yet.  That will be the rest of her Christmas present.  There is not a good way to get current measurements without making her suspicious, so I decided to do it this way.  There are still some dresses I haven't duplicated for her dolls yet, but I don't have any of the fabric left.  I would like to do those at some point as well.

Below is a lanyard I made for secret santa exchange at work.  The person whose name I had has asked me in the past to make her a lanyard, and I hadn't done it yet, so this was the perfect opportunity.

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