Sunday, January 20, 2013

This weeks progress

I actually finished 2 projects on my list this week. 

The first was a practice dress for Mini Axelgirl I posted on Monday.  

Next was 18 drawstring backpacks for Francis Howell North Winter Guard.  They have their first contest next Saturday, so I wanted to make sure they had them in time.  I will post more detailed pictures later this week.

The bags go with the theme/colors/design of their show.  I don't want to give away anymore information about the show until they make their debut  :) There are 15 members in the unit, and 3 coaches, so they each have a bag.

These pictures aren't that great.  I will post more construction details later this week.

My top 5 for this week are
  1. Competition dress for Mini Axelgirl.  We have determined the fabrics and design (I had all the 'right' fabrics in my sewing room, so no need to buy anything.  I just need to get with them to see how the practice dress fits.
  2. Clothing protectors for students at school
  3. Hat and skirt for Axelgirl
  4. New practice pants for Axelgirl.  Need to take new measurements, as the pants she is using are about 3 years old.
  5. PJ pants for Axelgirl.  She has some fleece to coordinate with a snuggie she made, I bought some Rapunzel fabric, and some bunny fabric a while back.  I am grouping all of these together, as pj pants are quick and easy.
There are several things I should work on first.  Primarily Christmas decorations need to come down.  We also got our treadmill yesterday, and I need to rearrange the basement to make things a little better.  Once I get those done, there is an aquarium I want to buy, and set up in the living room.  I will need to find a table, and move some things around, along with modifying the aquarium to house multiple bettas.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Practice Dress for Mini-Axelgirl

As all 6 year olds do, Mini Axelgirl is growing quickly.  She hasn't had a new practice dress in over a year, and hers has gotten rather small.

So today, I made her a new one.  We had ordered the fabric before Christmas, and it was just today that I got to it.  I too k design direction from Axelgirl, and then found the Skate Rhinestud applique in a drawer.  It was probably purchased 5-7 years ago, and had never been used.  It feels good to use things up.

Pattern is loosely based on KwikSew 2178.  This is the one I generally use for fit, and then modify the skirt line, and add a full circle skirt.  In this case I also shortened the sleeve a bit, and added a cuff to match the skirt to pull it together.

I give very low ratings to the skate applique.  I don't know if it was age, putting it on velvet, or just bad, but not all of the studs stuck so I had to use E6000 glue. Not my favorite on a good day, but trying to line it all up was a challenge, and it is not right at all.

Fabric is from  TDV374  Tye dye crushed velvet and  and hot pink stretch velvet.

Front of skate dress

 Back of skate dress

Skate rhinestud iron on design  You can see where some slip as being ironed, or had to be glued on

Sunday, January 13, 2013

I have done some sewing...

but no pictures yet.

Mini Axelgirls present is done, but I can't post pictures, as she will receive it today.  

I have also finished my portion of the guard flags.  Can't show pictures until the show has been debuted.  That will be at Willard High School in 2 weeks.  I can say, the outfits he ordered are great, and I think the flags will go with it well.  The team has been working hard to compete in Scholastic Open this year, and I can't wait to see how they do.

One other thing I worked on that wasn't on the list, was I had to finish hemming two dresses I made for a friend, for her daughters who were in a Drum and Fife unit, and they need to dress 'period' when they go on trips.  They were Christmas presents, but I didn't want to hem them until the girls had tried them on.  We put growth tucks in them so they will last a while.  I have pictures and will do a post on that shortly.

For this week, my top 5 are:

  1. Mini Axelgirl's new practice skating dress, this is top priority, as it is a fitting for her competition dress her mom just asked me to make her.
  2. Competition dress for Mini Axelgirl.  We are meeting to discuss the dress today, the competition date is February 10.
  3. Guard bags.  Somehow this slipped my top 5 last week.  Each season, I make drawstring bags for the guard to go with their theme.  No more info on those until they are done.  Need to surprise the girls.  :)
  4. Clothing Protectors for students at school.
  5. Hat and Skirt for Axelgirl
Axelgirl has also bought some coordinating fleece to go with her snuggie.  She wants pj pants, a pillow, and I am not sure what else.  She is supposed to be involved in the creation of that, so when she wants to sew, we will.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Someone Hold Me Accountable

I always start the New Year out with good intentions.  Probably similar to what everyone else does, but one thing I always say is I will is make time for sewing.  Some years I start out better than others.

For this year, my goal is to keep track of my projects (I do have a few from the end of last year, I may add), and to sew for 5 hours a week, in a somewhat organized fashion.

By organized, I mean keeping my sewing room neat, as well as having a plan an an order to what I sew.  I have lots of intended projects that I would like to finish up, lots of fabric to use.

At a minimum, for here, each Sunday I hope to make a quick review of what I have completed, and the next items on my to do list.  My actual wish to do list is very long. I am thinking if I keep a list of the top 5 for each week, things will feel manageable.  Things can always be moved around, of course, but it should help me stay focused.

For this week my top five items are:

  1. Mini Axelgirls Christmas present.  All I can say is it is doll related.  Axelgirl has planned out a theme, accessories are purchased, now it is up to me to do the clothing, and pull it all together.
  2. Winter Guard flags for FHN.  Another mom and I are working on these together.  We have 33 left to do.  Luckily they are just one piece this season, so are much simpler than the ones for fall.
  3. Mini Axelgirl needs a new skating dress.  Axelgirl needs to give me the final design, and I need to get measurements but we have the fabric and it shouldn't be to difficult.
  4. Skirt and Hat for Axelgirl.  I found some suiting fabric in pink/purple/silver in my stash.  I think it would be cute in straight skirt, and she has asked for a matching hat.  I am thinking the tan one here with flowers instead of a bow.
  5. Clothing protectors for school.  Several students I work with need to use clothing protectors for drool, or while they eat.  Many that are available are to immature for high school students, or are not large enough.  I have several ideas I would like to try to see if they work.
I should add that I don't necessarily plan on finishing all of the items.  Even finishing or working on one or two, and being able to track the progress will help me feel like I have accomplished something.

I have many other things that are priority as well, but I need to narrow it down to not feel overwhelmed.  If anyone has any suggestions on how to manage a list of want to do and must dos please let me know.

Happy New Year,  May everyone have a wonderful 2013.